The Victorious Party of The Way

Rosamond Press

On this day, October 15, 2019, I found the Party of The New Way. I am a Republican who intends to take my party away from the false evangelical party. This coming election, if I can get The Way party on the ballot, I will bid Christians from both parties to join. My party intends to take away votes from Republican candidates, ensuring many victories for the Democrats. This will put an end to the all but dead party of the evangelical lunatics, who destroyed all hope in a second coming. I restore that hope!

In four years there will be a new Republican Party founded upon the Abolitionist who elected John Fremont to be their first Presidential candidate. It is time to vote for what is honorable and redeemable about our blessed stay upon this beautiful planet.

Both Jesus and John spoke while infants. Their church was called ‘The…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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