Jesus Born In Sukkot Booth

Lies and Liars have attached themselves to God’s Truth – like a virus – and all but destroyed the Kingdom of Truth!

Elijah John

Rosamond Press

Sue and Kim Haffner are in church right now. I suspect their minister leads his congregation in a prayer-curse against me. Here is another ‘God Squad’ who is threatened by my teaching. They were gleeful when they concluded I had no friends and family – before they went on the attack with their Satanic curses.

Russian soldiers took pictures and videos of the half eaten meals of our soldiers in the fort they hastily fled from. They took and oath that every evangelical leader – breaketh! These plates – are Biblical!

The reason Alberta is a chosen one, is, she founded a communal Christian farm, and prisoners were RELEASED to go work on God’s farm. Jesus said he will release prisoners. ISIS put people in prison – and crucified many. The Kurds put an end to them. Trump released the ISIS fighters the Kurds had in prison to create a…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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