Fake Gun Cause of Bill Rozier

Bill Rozier has been screwing with me in these Gun Rights Groups on yahoo where he began a group four days ago with members of his family. He claimed Thibault was a grandfather, and after I showed him this was a false statement, he turned on me. The Rougemont name is associated with famous people in my family, Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, and Christine Rosamond Benton. He and his dopey looking family are not the House of Rougemont, a name I discovered is connected to the Rougemont Knight Templars that I have proven owned the Shround of Turin, a copyrighted discovery. Rougemont is considered the source of the name Rosamond.

Rozier is behind gun crazed radical neo-Confederate groups that claim their 2nd. Amendment rights is being violated. It is now my cause to knock the slats out from underneath them because they are purveyors of hate.

A year ago I took a DNA test and discovered John Wilson was my 9th. Grandfather. He tried Anne Hutcheson who was at the core of the Antinomian Controversy that might be the motive our Founding Fathers put Freedom of Religion, and Right to bare Arms in the Constitution. These two rights go hand in hand, and were not intended to give American gun owners unlimited use of future weapons that the Puritans did not conceive possible. This controversy is now FAMILY OWNED.  I hereby copyright this discovery.

John Presco

Copyright 2020


After the trial[edit]

Within a week of Hutchinson’s sentencing, some of her supporters were called into court and were disfranchised but not banished. The constables were then sent from door to door throughout the colony’s towns to disarm those who signed the Wheelwright petition.[69] Within ten days, these individuals were ordered to deliver “all such guns, pistols, swords, powder, shot, & match as they shall be owners of, or have in their custody, upon paine of ten pound[s] for every default”.[69] A great number recanted and “acknowledged their error” in signing the petition when they were faced with the confiscation of their firearms. Those who refused to recant suffered hardships and, in many cases, decided to leave the colony.[70] In Roxbury, Philip Sherman, Henry Bull, and Thomas Wilson were excommunicated from the church, and all three left the colony.[71]

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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