Bill – The Counting of Jewish Warriors

Bill knew I was a saint. Things would come out of my mouth that were other worldly. A half hour ago I admonished Christian Republicans who were counting Democrats who are damned and demonized for being for Government paid abortions. I took God and Jesus from them – in the wink of an eye! God bid Moses not to count the Jews that were preparing to conquer Canaan land. Count they living, and you will soon count the dead. Was this God’s thinking? They say God’s Great War is coming! How do they prepare? Forty million votes for Trump will not make a soldier – he! And up from the ground fly the Army of Satan like a plague of locusts! Must I do Revelations for you? Must I take you by the hand and lead you to the battlefield, ye who say the Hear the Commandment, and know them well. You do not know God!

I was the best kid who ever played Army. I was God’s Creative Masterpiece. My men – adored me. There was no end to my creativity, my imagination. I wanted to be a Career Soldier. Bill detected this, and toyed with the idea I would be his replacement. His father thought well of me. I was…Army Material! He could smell the Prussian in me. And when he come to embrace me, Bill fly away!

Then, Jesus was born to lead a mighty army?

John ‘The Nazarite’

Copyright 2020

Is it possible that pregnant Mary fled to Egypt to avoid the census of Herod so her son will be born without sin? Were children in the womb counted? Would a plague come upon the people if the unborn Jesus is counted? Who thought to ask such a question – but me!

I am a Nazarite seperated to God – DIRECTLY! I am His voice in the wilderness. He chooses when and if I will speak on these matters – HIS MATTERS! ”


In addition, the Panim Yafot8 explains that when the Jews are in a state of unity, they are connected to their Source and do not need added protection. When they are counted as individuals, they become “separated” and are subject to individual scrutiny.

For this reason, King Saul counted his army by means of requiring each soldier to submit one shard of pottery, which he then counted,9 and later on by using kid goats.10

King David, on the other hand, forgot this prohibition and counted the Jews directly.11 This resulted in a plague which killed some 70,000 Jews.

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