The Evangelical Mafia

The Mafia went to Catholic Church and supported it. The Evangelical Mafia is here. The majority of white evangelical voters want pure power. What does God and Jesus have to do with it? We have a Iconographic Leadership heavily into Pulp Politics. Dashiell Hammett and Lilliam Hellman would be amazed. Guys like Sam Spade are being demonized.

John Presco

Trump Smears FBI Agents As ‘Dishonest Slimeballs’ And ‘Dishonest Scum’: ‘Lots Of Dirty Cops’

While the Democratic presidential candidates held a debate in Las Vegas, President Donald Trump was in Phoenix Wednesday night for a rally that he used to rail against law enforcement and intelligence community officials whom he believes have wronged him.

Trump slammed “dirty cop” FBI agents involved in the investigation of Russian meddling into the 2016 election, saying they would “be in jail for 50 years” if something similar happened to former President Barack Obama.

“There are a lot of dishonest slimeballs out there. Dishonest scum. Dirty cops, lot of dirty cops… the FBI, those guys in that are incredible, but the ones on top, they were absolute scum,” Trump told the crowd.

“And what they were trying to do, if that happened to Obama, or a Democrat, or especially a liberal Democrat, they’d be in jail for 50 years and it would have taken place two years ago already,” he said.

Trump insisted that the FBI had “spied” on his campaign, while suggesting the agency had a vendetta against him that he vowed to “never, ever excuse.”

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