Buy Me This House

I wanted to live here – real bad! I would emerge and give lectures to the Arty Folks who brought a bag lunch.

Rosamond Press


In my letter, I told Rena I render floor plans as a hobby. It relaxes me, like knitting? I design homes around my muse. I put her in these homes, like a beautiful doll? Is this what freaked her out? Did my muse pay extra attention to this house craze I own, she pouring out the bits that mention my obsession, then showing Deputy Dan my reconstructed letter? I asked Dan if he read my love letter that Rena recalled – completely!

“Yes I read it. It was about seven pages long. She insisted I read it.”

“Don’t you find it odd, Dan, that you are calling someone you don’t know, who lives in another state; accusing this person of stalking, by evidence show you by a woman who has to own a Super Memory. I mean Dan……….Isn’t this material for one of those Paranornal T.V. shows?'”

That got a…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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