Carquinez Bridge


I have a great idea for a movie, or series, tailormade for David Lynch. I want him to be able to hear this bridge renamed ‘The Lynch Bridge’.

“I’m taking the Lynch Bridge to Sacramento today!”

“Be careful. You don’t know what altered states you will run into.”

“I knew you were going to say that!”

I want to make this Forgotten Bridge a Cultural Icon where everyone who crosses – let’s their imagination go hog wild! Will the phantom offramp appear out of nowhere, taking you to Presco Island where you will be taken hostage by Captain Victim?

The greatest memories I own is driving over the Bay Bridge in my 1957 Ford Fairlane with my friends to visit Nancy on Pine Street – in 1965! It was the most magical ride. The whole city was emitting this creative vibration. Then, it got eaten alive!

Maybe the makers of ‘Parasite’ would want to make a movie from my idea?

‘Parasite Bridge’ is about a second rate Bay Area Bridge, that sucks your creative juices from you when you cross it. You got to prepare yourself, or, you will not emerge on the other side. I want Eminem’s song to open the show.

Saturday night I watched ‘Sudden Fear’ in my easy chair with my laptop. I see a new series ‘The Queen of San Francisco’ about the last Spreckel’s  sugar heiress who has the money to elude the changes that have plagued us all. Every week Alma has to fight for her way of life! She is Ms. Rip Van Winkle of San Francisco, who is as paranoid as hell because she and her city are under constant attack. She keeps bonding with the wrong men who promised they would protect her. Now she has hooked up with Eminem who takes her to his concert at the Opera House. Alma tried to hide her fear during the performance;

“Why! Why does he grab his penis? I thought he was a good man. I thought he might.….be the one!”

John Presco

Dramatic videos showed drivers crossing the Carquinez Bridge in Northern California on Sunday, before authorities shut it down as fires burned on both sides.

Authorities had diverted traffic in both directions of Interstate 80 south of Vallejo by Sunday afternoon, and the fires forced evacuations in the small community of Crockett for several hours on the south side of the bridge as well as the California State University Maritime Academy to the north.

Parasite” made history again after being the first foreign-language film to win SAG ensemble and the first Korean film to win best international film. When it was called out as best picture, the audience went crazy — when they tried to dim the lights on the stage, the audience cheered “Up! Up! Up!” until they raised the lights again. Another history-making moment.

Dramatic videos showed drivers crossing the Carquinez Bridge in Northern California on Sunday, before authorities shut it down as fires burned on both sides.

Authorities had diverted traffic in both directions of Interstate 80 south of Vallejo by Sunday afternoon, and the fires forced evacuations in the small community of Crockett for several hours on the south side of the bridge as well as the California State University Maritime Academy to the north.

Here are photographs of Captain Victor returning to the scene of his crime. I believe he borrowed a friends boat and took Hugo Victor out to the deep water just off the Carquinez Bridge. He hoped his father’s body would be taken out beyond the Golden Gate by the terrific tide. He had to put the right amount of chain on Hugo’s body to keep it just below the surface, but, too much chain would stick it to the bottom. After the crabs and fish have had their fill, there was a chance Hugo’s remain would break loose and come ashore.

Vic took me on ‘The Cruise of Guilt and Shame’. He got real moody when his Chris-Craft got to a certain place. I wondered what was up. He looked, wounded, and we turned about and headed back to the dock.

“What’s up?” I asked my Captain.

“Oh. The engine doesn’t sound right to me, and the tides threatening to get us stuck in a whirlpool.”

“Sounds good to me! Whatever!”


Even though Shannon claimed her grandfather raped her while living in Vic’s home, my niece had bought the lie that I was not the Captain’s son, but the product of Rosemary’s betrayal. She had betrayed her husband, and slept with the enemy. How dare she slip his chick into Vic’s nest to raise. I was the family parasite who took food from the mouths of my siblings, and undermined all their endeavors, especially the creative ones. No way could I be responsible for Rosamond’s success – nor Rosemary.

Vic told everyone, Christine got all her talent from him, her father, the Big Victim, who was driven out of his home by a knife-weilding shrew. When he tried to come take Vickie to see Grandma Melba, I ran into the kitchen and grabbed a big butcher knife. I would kill for my disloyal mother. Would I hurt my half sibling, fly into a jealous rage?

Two weeks ago, Shannon threatened to have me killed if I revealed what she wrote about the Family Incest on Facebook. She sunk my autobiography. No way can I take profit from a book, because then I am forever stuck in the evil and dark family system, where if things just went right for you, it would all go well for you – just you!

There is no well ending to my book. My father was an incestuous psychopath. Rosemary was not much better. Then there is Christine’s mental illness – and Shannon’s. But, they can’t hold a candle to Victoria Presco, who has been torpedoing her older siblings for years in a very sly and deceitful manner. She is the one who got a full broadside of  Captain Victim’s Myth that was at the core of his criminal behavior.

Vic’s father…………was a Jew!

Victim’s story is that Hugo abounded his mother and him when he was one year old. The truth is, Melba took Hugo to meet her family, and right away they saw that he was a Jew. Then they discovered the original spelling of his surname. No way would they let her marry a Jew who was twice her age! Then, she told her parents she was pregnant in hope they would change their mind. I believe she was disowned, until the day Hugo put down his paint brush and walked off the job his brother shagged for him. That, was that! Hugo spent the next couple of decades making gambling men laugh. He was famous for his sense of humor, even loved, because he was their Rabbi. He explained how things, are! Everything we do is a Spiritual Comedy.

Vic was a Neo-Nazi, a self-loathing Neo-Nazi who hates his sons because they were part Jewish, like him. But, we had what he did not, a Marriage certificate. Did Melba know Hugo was a Jew the moment she met him? Did he tell her he was a Jew?

I am the Family Scapegoat, born three days after the Day of Atonement. I am like Isaac. I knew I was a Human Sacrifice on the altar of Moloch. The further my family cast me out, the better they felt. But, it was a tidal thing. I came back. And each time I did I was that much more well. Being away from my family for many years, did a world of good. This is why they sabotaged all my goodwill, my creative efforts, and took from me all they could get. They had bit down hard on Captain’s Victim Big Lie, and he got inside of them, hook, line and sinker!  This monster kept himself in a constant state of unhappiness so the women in the family would coddle him, tend to him, feel sorry for him. do almost anything for him to get him to cheer up.

“C-mon Daddy! Cheer up! Didn’t we slaughter the Evil One on your altar of Moloch? Those dark days are over!”

Here are two photographs of Shannon and Christine with the PSYCHOPATH. This story is so vile, it makes me sick. There can be no closure. Who wants to read a story about a mentally ill Loan Shark and a criminal who creates incestuous bonds with the women in the family. He crucified his son in order to make them more loyal to him, and the abuse. My father became what he wanted to be, a scum-sucking Roman Pig, a slave master! You can read this kind of shit in the Bible.

I might write our story as a series on HBO. But, who wants to watch a bunch of criminals doing much evil so they can own just a little power, and a little relief? Then there is their utter corruption of the Art World!

I am a Reporter for my newspaper Royal Rosamond Press Co. A Newspaper for the Arts, founded in 1997. I am a Bohemian Journalist. I will not tell our story, I will report it. In the last four years my blog has had 200,000 readers and half a million reads. I am going to take steps to increase my readership.

Not once did any member of my family consider I need a family, too! The head of Serenity Lane suggested to me in 1987, I was my grandparents, Royal Rosamond, and Hugo Presco. They are innocent of any wrong doing. I became the living proof of this. This is why I was disposed of, and made to feel illegitimate. With Vic out the door I began to feel like I belonged, like I had a family. I was puzzled why Victim rejected my brother and I every time he had the chance, but cuddled with our sisters, treated them with respect. Rosemary was our Liberator, and she apologized to Mark and I for letting it go on too long. To hear Shannon parroting Vic’s evil propaganda, was chilling. I felt insane. She called me insane – after he broke down a door and raped her! She never called her grandfather – insane!

In a week of being vanquished, I got it. I never had a father. I had a Dark Brother who used the women in the family to make him feel legitimate Vic hated the truth that Mark and I were legitimate. Try as he did, he could not reverse that. To see this evil being perpetuated by Vicki Presco and her fraudulent “caretaker” Stacey Pierrot – is an abomination! Victoria used Victor’s playbook to destroy an important artistic legacy. Vicki hates art, like her father hated art. With Victor gone, the Presco Children Renaissance, got under way!  We would soon own a famous equality.

However, study the child holding the doll in the photograph. That’s the Family Mole who was planted in our midst by Melba & Son when a divorce looked eminent. Study Melba’s expression. She knows her only child is heir to the Stuttmeister- Janke legacy. Vic was it.  Vic had sired four children. Rosemary has her own genetic line to tend to. Look at the look on her face. Game of Thrones is…..make-believe!

Christine Rosamond Benton’s favorite movie was ‘Chinatown’. What does that tell you? She was obsessed with it. Vic resorted to a watery solution. After Rosamond ended up dead in what terrified her the most, the Bohemian Colony of Carmel, had a water problem……..that just won’t go away.

Captain Gregory

President: Royal Rosamond Press Co.

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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