Buy Me This House

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In my letter, I told Rena I render floor plans as a hobby. It relaxes me, like knitting? I design homes around my muse. I put her in these homes, like a beautiful doll? Is this what freaked her out? Did my muse pay extra attention to this house craze I own, she pouring out the bits that mention my obsession, then showing Deputy Dan my reconstructed letter? I asked Dan if he read my love letter that Rena recalled – completely!

“Yes I read it. It was about seven pages long. She insisted I read it.”

“Don’t you find it odd, Dan, that you are calling someone you don’t know, who lives in another state; accusing this person of stalking, by evidence show you by a woman who has to own a Super Memory. I mean Dan……….Isn’t this material for one of those Paranornal T.V. shows?'”

That got a laugh out of Dan.

“Perhaps, she did not tear up my letter, and is only saying she did to add to the dramatic affect. I own a copy of that letter. A comparison, could be made.”

There was silence. Dan now realized how foolish he looked, and would look in a court of law.

“One could make a case I am being harassed here.”

By paranormal means. Even via……witchcraft! I almost added.

After seeing the movie ‘The Accountant’ I began a chapter called ‘The Janitor’. It was about a woman who choses to become a night janitor because the fear she has owned most of her life is increasing with intensity. Her social life consists of her getting a Starbucks coffee after work, and chatting with the employee.  I quit this chapter, because Rena could not kill anybody – outright! She is capable of having fantastic sex with her victim, and coming away owning that persons soul. Folks who have done me wrong, should be concerned, if I move Rena Christiansen around with my keyboard – destroying people. I had her making a mistake in her long eight hour poetry recital, and seeking relief for her imperfection by taking another job for her wealthy boss who owned a disreputable international tycoon.

“Christian ‘Chris’ Wolff (Ben Affleck), a mental calculator, works as a forensic accountant, tracking insider financial deceptions for numerous criminal enterprises brokered to him by a woman’s voice on his phone that originates from a restricted number. As a child, Christian had been diagnosed with a high-functioning form of autism and offered an opportunity to live at Harbor Neuroscience Institute in New Hampshire. Although Christian had bonded with Justine (Alison Wright), the mute daughter of the institute’s director, his father declined, believing that Christian should overcome the hardships inherent in his condition rather than expect the world to be accommodating. The pressure of raising a special-needs child later drove Christian’s mother to leave him and his neurotypical younger brother, Braxton, with their father, an army psychological warfare officer, who arranged for them to receive extensive military training around the world, such as martial arts and sharpshooting. Christian now uses those skills to protect himself in his dangerous life as an auditor of criminal enterprises, a job for which he accepts payment in various non-cash forms such as rare comics, gold bricks, and paintings by famous artists.”

For two years I placed OUR home in Tiburon. But, in the last three months I have been looking at the Delta. Four days ago I designed a Delta house, with boat dock. I found just the right boat. Now, I went shopping for some land. Yesterday, I found MY dream home. It overlooks the little wharf where my grandfather, Victor Hugo Presco, lived in a houseboat. I met Hug once. My father took Mark and I down there. If I get this house I will sit in one of m bedrooms that is my office. I will finish my novels here!

However, that may not be the truth, because, there is a bedroom and bathroom – under the house! How perfect! This is where I really want to live. But, she might want this room. Rena and I may have a fight for this room, for, this is where it all comes to an end, our charade. We both want to return to our beloved cell.

I will buy a Powerball ticket today. God willing, I will own my first home. If someone buys this house before I win, then I will contact the owners to see if they will rent me that room. I need that room! The Bohemian needs a place to dwell. He needs to release, his vagabond soul. ‘The Gideon Computer’ must come to an end – soon! After posting my video of thunderstorms in the jungle, the rain and flooding, has begun. Are these – the End Days?

There is a place I can sit, and watch the lights of the bridges at night. I can see the cars come and go. Nearby, are train tracks. Perhaps she will arrive by train……..the Beautiful Assassin of my heart. Own the dream home, and she will come. Beauty needs a place, to rest her head.


Jon Presco

Copyright 2017

Victor Hugo Presco

For awhile, my grandfather lived in San Francisco and was a business partner of his brother, Oscar. They remodeled houses and built cabinets. Hugo is listed as a house painter on Vic’s birth certificate. Rosemary told me after the brothers went their own way, Victor Hugo ended up living in a tar paper shack under the Bay Bridge. She got it wrong, it was the Carquinez bridge in Crockett, where Hugo made a living gambling. I had a talk with the old curator of the Crockett Museum who knew my grandfather. He told me he was one hell of a nice guy. Rosemary told me 5,000 people came to his funeral, including the Mayor of San Francisco. The curator told me there were scores of gambling joints in this small company town that preyed upon workers for C&H Sugar.When Vic was delivering produce to Crockett one day, he took his two sons down to the wharf to meet his father who lived in a houseboat. When Victor Hugo answered the door, in a gruff voice my father introduced his sons to the man who had abandoned him, and walked away, we never to see this man again.

Rosemary told me Vic took the money Hugo’s friends had given him to buy a headstone and got drunk. What he did with the body, is a mystery. I would not put it past my father to have weighted his father down with rusty chains and dumped him in the bay. Captain Victime never paid a Vet bill if he could help it.

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    I wanted to live here – real bad! I would emerge and give lectures to the Arty Folks who brought a bag lunch.

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