The New Wild West


Here is another invasion and act of terrorism.–567706641.html

When I lay eyes on Belle, and when we met at the Wandering Goat, I knew she wanted to be lawless. I couldn’t wait to take her out to the Miller graveyard in Big Blue. Instead, she took me on a Hell Ride that is still going on after five years. It will never end. The Buck stops here. We’ve come West as far as we can go. Folks are still without a home. Now they wan a Land Grant, another Homesteaders Act. Jack London never had it so good. He was a wanna-be socialist and pirate. I knew Belle was the read deal – when she did not. She thought she was a Sunday Anarchist.

Above is a photo of Belle handing me a piece of paper with her phone number and e-mail on it. She made an offer to EDIT my auto-biography, turning down my offer to co-author it.

“I need feminine input, the world view of a beautiful woman.”

“I have a hard time with that.”

“With what?”

“Being seen as beautiful.”

“Can I least photograph your beautiful hands?”


I didn’t know these hand were wanted. When I exposed them, she came after me,,,,the Alley Valkyrie Gang. Like savage Indians, they went on the warpath.

My homeless Bohemian Bum, Berkeley Bill Bolagard dressed like Buffalo Bill who ran a famous Wild West Show. It was Berkeley Bill who fell in love with Belle, fell in love with her – in the future! For The Gideon Computer had not fully matured, come into the Time Slot allotted for it to be revelent. That is not a photo of Belle throwing another Molatov cocktail in the window of the Elk Horn Brewery which makes old fashioned beer. This is a Whitaker Saloon. Belle gets to be in The Last Bohemian Show.

Here are some words from the rival biography. Tonight is the Oscars?

“The presentation of actor Jimmy Stewart’s portrait, in co-operation of the Monterey film Festival, was held in early 1988. The painting is an extraordinary work now on display at the James Stewart Museum in Indiana Pennsylvania.”

Belle, you own me a portrait. You are not relived on you obligation.

John Presco

Copyright 2020

EUGENE, Ore. — A small group of homeless advocates invaded a restaurant on Saturday night, shouting at diners through a megaphone and claiming that the owner is anti-homeless.

But Steve Sheehan, owner of Elk Horn Brewery, says he only wants an end to property crime and lawlessness.

Sheehan started a group called ‘Eugene Wake Up, made up of small business owners who are fed up with what they call lawlessness and crime that impacts their customers and businesses.


Sheehan told KEZI 9 News that the protesters are uninformed about what ‘Eugene Wake Up’ stands for. He said he just wants the vandalism and chaos to end.

“We are not anti homeless we are anti break into our business. We are anti lawlessness and I don’t know why every single person in this community wouldn’t be anti lawlessness,” Sheehan said.

The protesters released a statement which said in part, “Eugene Wake Up is spreading the rhetoric that the homeless in Eugene are lawless criminals who need to be watched.”

This is a developing story. Check back with KEZI 9 News for updates.

UGENE, Ore. – Instead of getting ready for their lunch rush, staff at Elk Horn Brewery spent Tuesday morning cleaning up broken window glass.

And instead of customers, the brewery was filled with Eugene Police officers.

“How does this happen? My restaurant is a wreck,” Elk Horn owner Steve Sheehan said. “I have Molotov cocktails all in my restaurant.”

Surveillance footage from around 5 a.m. Tuesday shows a woman throwing what appears to be burning bottles through a broken window.


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