Trump Bullshyster Honored at Blenheim Labyrinth

Here is another prophetic post!

Rosamond Press

Why in God’s name is Theresa May bringing The Minotaur Beast to Blenheim Palace that was built upon the ruins of Woodstock where a Labyrinth was built for my kindred, Rosamond de Clifford? I have suspected My Enemy is reading this blog, because I am THE OPPONENT in the chess match Putin is playing, and in on the verge of Checkmate! The Trumpmeister brags about bagging the mother of William and Harry. The fortunes of the Spencer-Churchill family is rooted at Blenheim where one sees a Labyrinth. The Master Bull-shitter wants to find his way into the center of the Maze – and Fuck Beauty! The Beautiful Rose of the World. ROSATOM and ROZA MIRA will rule a vast empire!

I told you so! I placed the Holy Grail at the epicenter of Rosamond’s Maze!

What The Bullshyster is going to suggest, is, NATO nations give up their ancient…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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