The Lost Treasure of Goddess Island

At 2:01 P.M. I discovered Lord Hesketh named his yacht after the Lancanshire Witches who were put on trial around the time my ancestor, Reverend John Wilson, and fellow Puritans were conducting Witch Trials. Lord Hesketh sailed his yatcht into the Golden Gate in order to marry Florence Emily Sharon, the daughter of William Sharon, who became the President of Bank of America, after William Ralston ‘The Man Who Built San Francisco’ died. I believe Ralston Hall is one of the six portable houses brought from the East Coast by my great grandfather, Carl Janke the co-founder of Belmont.

Today I discovered that I am kin to Albert Sydney Johnston who married Henriette Preston. Albert was the commander of Fort Point. He is kin to the Benton family, and John Fremont. The Prestons are kin to the Stewarts. I am poised to author a Harry Potter series – in the West!

For many years I have considered a large statue that Rena Easton is the model for. I have been authoring a proposal to Meg Whitman that will include her funding this large statue that I want erected on Treasure Island that I see as World Literary Center, more so than for the Arts. Fort Mason is dedicated to the Arts. My claim on the property the Fremont family once owned, is solid. I am the caretaker of so my Creative History.

CNN is doing a series on the Windsors. I have rescued our connection to British gentry. Sophie Hesketh was considered a suitable mate for Harry Windsor. Rena has to be contacted to see if there exist nude photos of her. If she is dead, her skeleton must be exhumed and measured. She has perfect proportions. How can she complain, or, accuse me of stalking, when her form and image will welcome millions into the Golden Gate. She will be the Western Colossus. Consider Pacifica and Britania!

It’s time modern man be exposed to full frontal nudity, and all aspects of Womankind, who has been stalked and tried as a Witch for a thousand years! Here is a chance for Humanity to turn those dark images around, and honor all women, There exist a proposal to rebuild Pacifica, but, she is rendered all things to men – and women! In this form, she is harmless. Rena was threatening and scary in ways that have been lost. Powerful Women are scary to both sexes. Christian women wanted this kind of woman – burned! This sick movement to make all women – not culpable – is destroying civilization. What are women guilty of?

Today, millions of Christian women prepare to vote for Trump, again, even though they know he is a egregious lair guilty of abusing women. He slanders a woman every week. He is a Great Sinner who is not held culpable for his sins. I suspect the Christians oppose Goddess Worship and perceive Trump is destroying the recent resurrection of this worship that Hillary Clinton would have promoted – if she got elected the First Woman President!

I would like to see a replica of the Lancashire Witch made and docked at Treasure Island. It is my desire to marry Rena Easton some day and spend our honeymoon onboard. Rena is my inspiration for Victoria Bond.

John Presco

Copyright 2020

EXTRA! At 3:45 I quit posting for the day and turned on T.V. to hear Harry and Meghan Windsor are stepping out of their paid rolls. This is huge! I said I wanted them to head the New Puritan Church! Johnston quit his post to join the Confederacy that was very serious about not allowing Black Slaves to be free to earn a living. Many White women oppressed Black Women. This couple is in a position to lead a progressive movement not seen since Lincoln free the slaves and Radical Republican went into the South and put Black Men in office. Southern women oppose the taking down statue of Confederate soldiers. I am kin to Robert E. Lee!

I just saw Senator Merkley on T.V. He and others out outraged with the interview with brass for why they killed the Iranian General. They are suspecting the Trumpire did this to distract from the Impeachment. But, it really inflames the idea Trump and Putin are on the same team, and so is Iran. There could be FAKERY here that is targeting the Democrats!

I am going to ask that the British Defence Staff protect Harry and Meghan whose son has Romanov blood that Putin is after! Why not the Templars? Why not build a home for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on Treasure Island, or the property owned by the Fremonts. This Windsor couple could carry on the Salon that was held at Black Point.

“After many months of reflection and internal discussions, we have chosen to make a transition this year” they wrote on Instagram, explaining that they hope to “carve out a progressive new role within this institution.”
“We intend to step back as ‘senior’ members of the Royal Family and work to become financially independent, while continuing to fully support Her Majesty The Queen,” they said.
Harry and Meghan did not consult any other members of the royal family about their decision, CNN has learned.
There is said to be a mood of deep disappointment in the palace following the announcement; senior members of the family are hurt as a result of the news

Windsors and Hesketh Sisters

It is alleged the first girl Prince Harry Windsor kissed, was Sophia Hesketh. Sophia appears to have dated Freddy Windsor. Sophia’s sister, Flora, is also a British Socialite. These sisters are my distant kin, related to the Witherspoons. I lived with Dottie Witherspoon. Being facebook friends of William and Harry, I suggested Will invite Reese Witherspoon to his wedding in order to extend hands across the water. To the Hesketh sisters acknowledge their American roots?

Jon Presco

As the first girl Harry is rumoured to have ever kissed, flaxen-haired Sophia, 26, will no doubt always hold a place in the Prince’s heart. They were last seen dancing together at a charity ball in 2007, despite the fact that Chelsy was also there.,_San_Francisco

Earlier private ownership by John C. Frémont[edit]

The nucleus of Fort Mason was a private property owned by John C. Frémont, the explorer of the western U.S., who also spearheaded the conquest of California from Mexico, and ran as the first presidential nominee of the extant Republican Party in 1856. As alleged in a 1968 federal lawsuit[6] filed by his descendants over the 70-acre parcel then at issue, Frémont bought a 13.5-acre property in the mid-1850s for $42,000, and then improved it by about $40,000.

Appointed a major general in the Union army at the start of the Civil War, Frémont’s repeated serious conflicts with President Lincoln led him to resign by late 1862. In 1863, the government seized the property without payment, by executive order of Lincoln, on the grounds it was needed for the war effort. Frémont would again contest the US presidency in 1864, running as the candidate of Radical Democracy Party, only resigning the effort when Lincoln fired a political enemy in his cabinet as a concession.

The 1868 lawsuit was perhaps the last shot of a century-long legal struggle[7] to obtain compensation for the seized realty. In 1870, the government returned property to 49 parties in the vicinity, but not to Frémont and a few others. At that time, Frémont was still very preoccupied with enough of the vast fortune he had made through gold-mining before the Civil War that the matter was unlikely of concern to him; but by 1872[8] he was in grave financial trouble he would never escape before his death in 1890. Over the years, at least 24 Congressional committees would vote to compensate Frémont, and finally in February 1898 President William McKinley signed a bill directing that the court of claims fix the compensation due. But in 1968 the Frémont heirs complained it had failed to carry out this direction, with John Frémont then recently dead and his widow Jessie over 70 years old.

The fort as government property[edit]

The Civil War prompted the construction of several coastal defense batteries located inside the Golden Gate. Initially these defenses were built as temporary wartime structures rather than permanent fortifications and one of these was constructed in 1864 at Point San Jose, as the location of Upper Fort Mason was then known. A breast-high wall of brick and mounts for six 10-inch (250 mm) Rodman cannons and six 42-pounder guns were built on the site. Excavation in the early 1980s uncovered the well-preserved remains of the western-half of the temporary battery, and it has now been restored to its condition during the Civil War.[9]

The fort was named Fort Mason in 1882, after Richard Barnes Mason, a former military governor of California.[10]

Sir Thomas George Fermor-Hesketh, 7th Bt.1

M, #152841, b. 9 May 1849, d. 19 April 1924
Last Edited=11 Mar 2012
Consanguinity Index=0.0%
     Sir Thomas George Fermor-Hesketh, 7th Bt. was born on 9 May 1849.2 He was the son of Sir Thomas George Fermor-Hesketh, 5th Bt. and Lady Anna Maria Isabella Fermor.2 He married Florence Emily Sharon, daughter of Hon. William Sharon and Maria Malloy, on 22 December 1880 at Belmont, San Francisco, California, U.S.A.G.2 He died on 19 April 1924 at age 74.1
He was given the name of Thomas George Hesketh at birth.2 He held the office of Sheriff of Northamptonshire in 1851.2 On 8 November 1867 his name was legally changed to Thomas George Fermor-Hesketh by Royal Licence.2 He gained the rank of Lieutenant in the Rifle Brigade.2 He gained the rank of Honorary Colonel in the 4th Battalion, Liverpool Regiment of Militia.2 He succeeded as the 7th Baronet Hesketh, of Rufford, co. Lancaster [G.B., 1761] on 28 May 1876.2

Children of Sir Thomas George Fermor-Hesketh, 7th Bt. and Florence Emily Sharon

Book the Second, ‘Cyprian Rougemont’ (1830): Thorneycroft, Sandman and Tinker (with Ginger) continue their pursuit led by another, who is the brother of Rougemont’s second victim, Clara Paston. They enter a mysterious mansion, and becoming trapped in a chamber and locked into enchanted or mechanically-contrived chairs three of them are muffled by bell-masks which descend from the ceiling, and then plunged through traps in the floor. Flapdragon appears and attempts to help them find Ebba, while Paston, Ginger and Thorneycroft find Rougemont and confront him with pistols, but Rougemont is impervious to the bullets. Thorneycroft, Tinker and Sandman are trapped in a pit over which an iron roof closes by a giant mechanical contrivance, and Ebba is never found again. Auriol, meanwhile, awakes to find himself in Elizabethan costume, chained in a vaulted dungeon. The voice of Rougemont addresses him, telling him that he has been mad, but that he has given him a potion to heal him, and is his keeper. James I is now the King of England. Old Dr Lamb is still living, and his dwarf Flapdragon, and Auriol is taken to him, where they begin to hope that Auriol’s cure has been effected. He becomes convinced that he has lived centuries in a few nights and has awakened from a delusion… but even in the last sentence, addressing Dr Lamb, the author relates what he says to his supposed grandsire


John Witherspoon Owen Breckenridge

The great grandmother of John Witherspoon Owen Breckenridge, is the Ann Witherspoon, the daughter of Signer, John Witherspoon. His great grandfather, was John Breckenridge, Attorney General of the United States in the Cabinet of President Thomas Jefferson. I lived with Dottie Witherspoon in Boston, and met many Witherspoons in South Carolina who are kin to the actress, Reese Witherspoon.I have been exchanging e-mails with a member of the Sharon family about revising the Sharon Family reunion at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco. I was invited to go to Europe with a member of the Hesketh-Fermor family, who are kin to my niece, Drew Benton, and thus the Prescos. We are all kin to Lloyd Tevis the President of Welles Fargo Bank.

I have put on pause my homework of family relations. I do know some of the California Sharons and I am familiar with the reunion that use to take place in San Francisco, but I have been swamped. I would love to refresh the reunion for our family. I am not familiar with the names on your email yet. I don’t know if you sent email to Philip or had misplaced my name. I will start more family connections with the Sharon clan soon.

Patrick Sharon

Hi Jon- Get ready- much info coming now- please go ASAP to June issue page 102- big article on the new owner of Easton Neston- Leon Max- I’m headed there with James Baring and Bob and Joanne Fermor tomorrow.


Witherspoon Owen Breckenridge married Louise Tevis Breckenridge Sharon, the daughter of Lloyd Tevis, president of Wells Fargo and one of the richest men in California. When he became president of Wells Fargo, it was an express coach company. When he retired, it was a bank as we know it today. Tevis was assessed by the state of California as having a fortune worth $1,590,000.00 in 1880
John Witherspoon Breckenridge, son of Congressman, Senator, Vice President, Presidential Candidate and Confederate General John C. Breckenridge, c. 1878 and lived in San Rafael, CA. Their marriage ended in divorce and she married secondly Frederick W. Sharon.

Frederick Sharon was the son of Senator William Sharon (right), one of California’s very richest men. Sharon arrived in San Francisco in 1849, first investing in real estate, then also in mining and banking. By 1880, the state of California assessed his personal fortune at $4,470,000.002 and he was the largest single taxpayer in the state. Louise and Frederick were married at Sharon’s 55,360 square foot palatial estate ‘Belmont’ in 1884 (below).

The information found here comes from The Prestons of Smithfield and Greenfield in Virginia by John Frederick Dorman who is one of the preeminent authorities of Virginia genealogy. The descendants of John Preston and Elizabeth Patton are remarkable for the number of outstanding individuals spread over several generations. There are literally dozens of politicians, military men (including generals on both sides of the Civil War), preachers, doctors and authors. This is only a sampling of people who caught my attention. I strongly recommend anyone interested in this family to find The Prestons of Smithfield and Greenfield in Virginia.

Henry Clay (1777-1852)was an American statesman known as “The Great Compromiser.” Clay was a congressman, senator, speaker of the house, and secretary of state. He was a major promoter of the Missouri Compromise in 1820, the compromise tariff of 1833 that ended the Nullification crisis, and the Compromise of 1850, all efforts to balance the rights of free and slave states. He was twice the unsuccessful Whig candidate for president. His wife, Lucretia Hart Clay, was the daughter of Colonel Thomas Hart. They had eleven children — six daughters and five sons.

Lucretia Hart Clay was a daughter of Col. Thomas Hart and Susanna Gray. The Hart family was established in Hanover County, Virginia, in 1690. The only son of a pioneer was Thomas Hart, who married Susanna Rice, and their oldest son was Col. Thomas Hart, who was born in 1730 and accompanied his mother and the other children to North Carolina in 1760. He became prominent in the Colonial and Revolutionary history of North Carolina, being a member of the Provincial Congress at New Bern of August 25, 1774, also attended the Convention of April 4, 1775, and was a delegate to the Assembly at Hillsboro August 21, 1775. He was an officer in the Revolutionary army, and was a member of the famous Transylvania Company. His brother, Captain Nathaniel Hart, was killed by the Indians near Boonesboro, Kentucky in 1782, and it was Susanna, daughter of Capt. Nathaniel, who married Col. Isaac Shelby, first governor of Kentucky. Col. Thomas Hart reared in his home his orphan niece, Ann, who became the wife of Jesse Benton, and her oldest son was the famous Thomas Hart Benton, the distinguished United States senator from Missouri.

William Campbell Preston Breckinridge
Born August 28, 1837 in Baltimore, MD
Son of Robert Jefferson Breckinridge and Ann Sophonisba Preston
Brother of Louisiana Hart Breckinridge, John Breckinridge, Francis Preston Breckinridge, Mary Cabell Breckinridge, Sarah Campbell Breckinridge, Robert Jefferson Breckinridge, Marie Lettice Breckinridge, Sophonisba Preston Breckinridge, Joseph Cabell Breckinridge, Charles Henry Breckinridge, Virginia Hart Breckinridge, Nathaniel Hart Breckinridge and John Robert Breckinridge
Husband of Louise Rucks Scott — married 1893 [location unknown]
Husband of Issa Desha — married September 19, 1861 in Lexington, KY
Husband of Lucretia Hart Clay — married March 17, 1859 in “Mansfield”, Fayette Co., KY
Father of Curry Desha Breckinridge, Ella Breckinridge, Robert Jefferson Breckinridge, Lee Clay Breckinridge, Sophonisba Preston Breckinridge and Desha Breckinridge

John Witherspoon Owen Breckinridge, Member of California state assembly 5th District, 1884-85. & Louise (Tevis). the daughter of Lloyd Tevis (1st. Pres. of Wells Fargo Bank).
Louise (Tevis) Breckinridge married (2nd) Frederick William Sharon (son of Senator William Sharon) d.1882 & Maria Malloy.

The life story of Louise Tevis Breckinridge Sharon gives insite into the impact of California gold on global banking and who directed it.

Francis G. Newlands (1848-1917) was a young San Francisco lawyer. Early in his practice he had become an attorney for William Sharon, a senator from Nevada from 1875 to 1882, who made a tremendous fortune revitalizing and managing the rich Nevada Comstock Lode. In 1874 Newlands married Sharon’s daughter. Following her death, in 1882, and William Sharon’s death, in 1885, Newlands became trustee of Sharon’s huge estate, was himself one of the heirs, and managed major land holdings in California and Nevada.18481917, American legislator, b. Natchez, Miss. After practicing law in San Francisco from 1870, he moved (1888) to Nevada. He became well known for his interest in irrigation and reclamation and for his advocacy of free silver. He was (18931903) U.S. Congressman from Nevada and served (190317) as a Democrat in the U.S. Senate. He wrote the Newlands Act of 1913, concerning mediation and conciliation in labor controversies, and the Reclamation Act of 1902. He played a!
n important role in the establishment of the Federal Trade Commission (1914) and in preparing the way for the Transportation Act of 1920

US Senator William Sharon’s daughter by Maria Malloy,
Flora, married Sir Thomas Fermor-Hesketh of England.
Easton Neston in Northampton
(the estate of the Fermor-Hesketh family)
^ John Cabell Breckinridge, Sr. & Adelaide (Murphy) ^
Aunt: Florence Louise Breckinridge) married Thomas Fermor-Hesketh
John Bunny Breckinridge born in 1903 died Tuesday, November 5th, 1996

It looks like Louise Tevis Breckinridge Sharon, was the grand dowager with
control of the purse strings of her mother Susan’s half of the Tevis Estate
and whatever control came to her from her second husbands portion of the
Sharon estate. (California and Nevada community property laws). She would
also have had a great influence on her sister in-law Flora Sharon
Fermor-Hesketh and guided the Fermor-Hesketh marriage of her own daughter
Flora Breckinridge.
Her son John Caball Breckinridge seems to have been part of Victorian
England without a fortune of his own and he didn’t marry one. He and his
marriage were kept in the shadows. I would suspect he had a rough time of it.
The life story of Louise Tevis Breckinridge would give a unique in site
into the impact of California gold on global banking and who directed it.
Well you know all of this already.I will let you know if I come across any
thing about Johns parents.

>From Breckinridge researcher Gloria Hursey
John Cabell “Bunny” Breckinridge descent of the Breckinridges:
1..Alexander Breckenridge & Jane Preston
….2 Robert Breckenridge, Sr. & Letitia Preston
……..3 John Breckenridge & Mary “Polly” Hopkins Cabell
…………4 Joseph Cabell Breckinridge, & Mary Clay Smith, daughter of Rev. Samuel Stanhope Smith, president of Princeton College. She was a granddaughter of John Witherspoon and a lineal descendant ofJohn Knox: through his heroic daughter, Mrs. Welch, who told King James that she would rather ” kep his head in her lap” than have him submit to the king’s supremacy in religion,”
…………….5 John Cabell Breckinridge (Vice Pres. of US) & Mary Cyrene Burch
………………..6 John Witherspoon Owen Breckinridge & (1st) Louise Tevis
……………………7 Lloyd Tevis Breckinridge
……………………7 John Cabell Breckinridge, Sr. & Adelaide Murphy
……………………….8 John Cabell “Bunny” Breckinridge, Jr.
……………………7 Florence Louis Breckinridge & Thomas Fermor-Hesketh
……………………….8 Thomas Fermor-Hesketh
……………………….8 Frederick “Freddie” Fermor-Hesketh & Christian Mary McEwan
……………………….8 Florence Fermor-Hesketh & (1) ? Revelstoke, (2) Derick/Arthur Lawson
……………………….8 John Fermor-Hesketh & (1) Patricia ?, (2)Joan Isabel Reveley (Lorelei).
……………………….8 Louise Fermor-Hesketh & Edmond Villiers Minshull Stockdale
………………..6 John Witherspoon Owen Breckinridge & (2nd) Harriet Dudley
……………………7 Elizabeth Lee Breckinridge & Joseph I. Thomas
……………………….8 Breckenridge Thomas

John Cabell “Bunny” Breckinridge descent of the Tevis:
1..Robert Tevis & Martha Crow/Crowe
….2 Samuel Tevis & Sarah Jane Greathouse
……..3 Lloyd Tevis & Susan Saunders
…………4 Louise Tevis & (1st) John Witherspoon Owen Breckinridge
…………….5 Lloyd Tevis Breckinridge
…………….5 John Cabell Breckinridge, Sr. & Adelaide Murphy
………………..6 John Cabell “Bunny” Breckinridge, Jr.
…………….5 Florence Louise Breckinridge & Thomas Fermor-Hesketh
……………….6 Thomas Fermor-Hesketh
……………….6 Frederick “Freddie” Fermor-Hesketh & Christian Mary
……………….6 Florence Fermor-Hesketh & (1) ? Revelstoke, (2)
Derick/Arthur Lawson
……………….6 John Fermor-Hesketh & (1) Patricia ?, (2) Joan Isabel Reveley (Lorelei)
……………….6 Louise Fermor-Hesketh & Edmond Villiers Minshull
…………4 Louise Tevis & (2nd) Frederick William Sharon (son of Senator
William Sharon)
…………….5 Henry William Tevis Sharon (said to have died young)

Sharon descent:
1..William Sharon, Sr. & Susanna Kirk
….2 Senator William Sharon, Jr. & Maria Malloy
……..3 Clara Adelaide Sharon & Francis Griffith Newlands
……..3 Florence Sharon & Thomas George Fermor-Hesketh
…………4 Thomas Fermor-Hesketh & Florence Louise Breckinridge
(Florence is the daughter of John Witherspoon Owen
Breckinridge & 1st. spouse, Louise Tevis)
……..3 Frederick William Sharon & Louise Tevis
(Louise (Tevis) Sharon is the 1st spouse of John Witherspoon Owen
…………4 Henry William Tevis Sharon (said to have died young)


Sharon Estate Company, 74:385, 392
Sharon, Fred, 58:245
Sharon, Mrs. Frederick W., 25:238

OBITUARY — John `Bunny’ Breckinridge

“All have sinned and come short of the glory of God”
Its unfortunate the obituary above was written by sombody who did not know him. I remember him only as kind, intelligent and generous.

Important Note:
The author of this message may not be subscribed to this list. If you would like to reply to them, please click on the Message Board URL link above and respond on the board.

BRECKINRIDGE, John, (brother of James Breckinridge, grandfather of John Cabell Breckinridge and William Campbell Preston Breckinridge, great-grandfather of Clifton Rodes Breckinridge, great-great-grandfather of John Bayne Breckinridge, cousin of John Brown, James Brown, and Francis Preston), a Senator from Kentucky; born near Staunton, Augusta County, Va., December 2, 1760; educated at Augusta Academy, near Staunton (now Washington and Lee University, Lexington, Va.), and at William and Mary College, Williamsburg, Va.; elected a member of the house of burgesses in 1780 when nineteen years of age, but being under age was not allowed to take his seat until elected the third time; served as subaltern in the Virginia Militia during the Revolutionary War; studied law; admitted to the bar in 1785 and commenced practice in Charlottesville, Va.; elected as a Democrat to the Third Congress, but resigned in 1792 before the commencement of the congressional term; moved to Kentucky in 1793 and resumed the practice of law in Lexington; unsuccessful candidate for election to the United States Senate in 1794; appointed attorney general of Kentucky in 1795 and served until November 30, 1797, when he resigned; member, State house of representatives 1798-1800, serving as speaker in 1799 and 1800; member of the State constitutional convention in 1799; elected as a Democratic Republican to the United States Senate and served from March 4, 1801, until August 7, 1805, when he resigned to accept the position of Attorney General of the United States in the Cabinet of President Thomas Jefferson; served in this capacity until his death at ‘Cabell’s Dale,’ near Lexington, Ky., December 14, 1806; interment in Lexington Cemetery, Lexington, Ky.

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