The Olompali Quest

The Stuttmeisters owned land in Lagunitas that is connected to Emperor Napoleon. I tried to unite my family who employed my interest in Royalty against me. I had to be MAD!

Among such families, the Mailliards have played a distinguished role
for over a century, shaping and reflecting the distinctive flavor of the
Bay Area. Their origins are French, Colonial New England, and Danish by
way of Chile. They have been key players in business and finance; active
in local, state, and national governance; and also lovers of the land:
hunters, stockmen, and preservationists.

Rosamond Press

My struggle to keep going, keep blogging, and keep looking, is epic. I have no money, yet I produce more than the billionaires. Two months ago my childhood friend, Nancy Hamren, talked about our past and our friends, then gave me a meaningful hug. Above is a photograph I took of her with Ken Babbs who is on the back of the Grateful Dead album, Aoxomoxoa. There is a photograph of a tree with people under it. Members of the Dead are here, along with members of the Olompali commune, known as ‘The Chosen Family’ are present. I will take this tree into the future.

“Prankster Ken Babbs appeared, along with his partner Gretchen Fetchin and two of their children. Babbs had known the Dead at least since the Acid Tests; he was then living with his family at the Dead’s warehouse/studio by Hamilton Air Force Base in Novato, and working…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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