Lincoln Betrayed The Cause

I hereby claim the portions of Fort Mason that belonged to the Fremont family and designate it a National Historic site. I am calling for a name change due to George Mason who refused to sign the U.S. Constitution because he owned 400 slaves. This is very suspicious. Lincoln gives Starr King credit for talking Fremont out of founding a new Nation in the West.

The Traditional Republican Party was taken over by Southern racists whose ancestors owned slaves. With the help of the Christian-right White Southerners have cleverly eluded responsibility for the descendants of the slaves their families made their fortunes on. My Rosamond family owned plantations in South Carolina.

Rosamond Press

German gymnastic movement was started by Turnvater (“father of gymnastics”) Friedrich Ludwig Jahn in the early 19th century when Germany was occupied by Napoleon. The Turnvereine (“gymnastic unions”) were not only athletic, but also political, reflecting their origin in similar “nationalistic gymnastic” organizations in Europe. TheTurner movement in Germany was generally liberal in nature, and many Turners took part in the Revolution of 1848.[1]

There is a move to Impeach Trump. A year ago I tried to get my black neighbors to form The New Turner Party. They were holding regular excerisizes at the play area. Jason was a radical Cristian. He wanted Jesus to solve all our problems. Many black evangelicals embraced Trump, and may have got him elected with the help of the Russian hackers. Trump did not serve in the military, and was doing an imitation of General Patton.

Two years…

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