Israel – Ugliest Nation On Earth!

It is being suggested that The Trumpire attacked the Iranian General at the suggestion of Israel – A SOCIALIST NATION FOUNDED BY SOCIALIS!

Rosamond Press

Benjamin Netanyahu does not believe in the Rapture and Tribulation, but, he pretends he does in order to get Big Golden Brother to watch his back, like Dershowitz – demands! This Shark owns dual-citizenship and is in love with Ben……The Racist Hawk! What has this Jew done for the American Farmer?

I think Jesus is coming to Kansas – in the spring! He is upset that the two ugliest nations on earth claim they own his Father’s Message. This is a MUST read! It’s time God’s Nation grow up and stand on its own two feet. They treat the U.S. as if We the People – are God!

“In God We Trust”

“Let go – and let God!”

Half of Israeli voters – hate Netanyahu! Are they Jew Haters?

Bubba Ben encourages Mr. Gold Toilet to preach a good game of Nationalism so he can get some Yummy War…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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