Rosamundu and Trojumanna

Radbad is a great grandfather. All my life people have been taking from me. My daughter is going to take my unborn granddaughter from me, because I caught her taking from me. I have proven Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor is my kindred. I am going to attaché all the wondrous history I have found and put together to this Rose of the World, who is in her angelic form. Liz descends from Redbad and the Merovingians. All the men she married, and their children, are in the Merovingian Rose Line Tree. No one can take this fact away from this world famous actress. Who would want to?

John Presco a.k.a. John Wilson Rosamond

“Having doubts about the pagan rituals of his fathers’ people, Redbad (Naber) starts to become disillusioned when the woman he loves is offered as a sacrifice. Whilst coming into conflict with his father, the Frisians are caught off guard as Frankish forces invade Dorestad. Having lost their territory and leader during the conflict, Redbad is tied to a raft and pushed to sea for going against the will of his people. Washed up on Viking land, he slowly starts to earn their trust and build a new life before finding out his sister has been married off to Charles Martel, son of the Frankish King. Vowing to get her back he begins to build an army to go up against the Franks and take back the land they stole.”

Rosamond Press


A Great Story for the Silver screen.


John Presco

Copyright 2019

Hromund will be about the Trojans coming to the aid of the Nordic Tribes that are under attack by the legions of Paul of Cypress who suffers from mental illness. He had two personalities. The one the Followers of The Way feared the most, was Bar-Jesus. Argotta had met Bar-Jesus in Corinth. He took a queer like to her. This freakish looking troll called her his Helen. When he found out the name her beloved teacher had given her, he began to send her strange letters in the Brabant.

“Rosamunde, must I send my army to fetch you to Cypress?”

“Fuck you, you little worm! Come get me, and I will personally pull out your unibrow with plyers!?

Argotta “la Mère de tout les Roys” des Francs

French: Argote des Cimbres, Swedish: Argotta…

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