Rose of the World Fashion Show

Here is the real Rose Line that was begot  by Mary Magdalene Rosamond.

Rosamond Press


010Rosamonds 1914 Mary & Bonnie

Rosamonds 1915 Frank & Bonnie

Rosamonds 1917 June & Bonnie 2

Rosamonds 1917 June & Bonnie as Nurses

Rosamonds 1917 June & Bonnie

Rosamonds 1918 June &  Bonnie 2

Rosamonds 1918 June &  Bonnie

Rosamonds 1919 June & Bonnie


georgew2I suspect George Wharton James took the photos of the Rosamond family, and may have taken photos of Eutrophia, Mary’s tragic sister. These sisters were very poor. James had become the publisher of Out West magazine. He was a collector of baskets like the ones we see Bonnie and June with. The four Rosamond sisters seem ill at ease. James was an eccentric. That is him carrying a cross.

We are talking about a family of models. Christine became her image model. Rena’s image graced a poster for Oktoberfest at the University of Nebraska. Did she do more modeling? Her parents had four daughters – who modeled. I am now seeking a publisher, and would like tosee more photos of Rena for my book.

If Rena had become my wife, then we would be an updated version of Royal and Mary Rosamond. This would be the merger of a modeling…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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