The Unborn Baby Cult

I suspect white women, who are not Christians, have founded a Blessed Un-Born Baby Club. BUBB. This is to counter all the Baby Jesus images on the internet. This is being done to own power over the fathers. If Daddy is not generous enough, or, suggests his daughter and her mother, are liars, then they will be cast out and dishonored.

Patrice Hanson became a writer up in Portland and is writing all her daughter’s material. They are doing all this to make money – off my un-born! I will contact facebook.


Jess is a graphic artist who says the noise sometimes brings her to tears; she often can’t work in her home studio for more than 15 minutes during the pounding.

“You are looking at people who have been under extreme adrenal depletion,” she says. “I’m not sleeping, I’m irritable, my temper is shorter, I can’t focus.”

A spokesman for DeWitt Construction, the contractor responsible for the pile driving, says the company is sympathetic to the neighbors, but the work requires old technology with no cost-effective way to mitigate the noise.

“It’s not possible to comply with noise codes, and that is why, in most every city I know of, pile driving is exempt,” says Joel Burt, risk manager for DeWitt.

It turns out Seattle has noise ordinances that variously limit pile-driving noise to 90 to 99 decibels when measured from 50 feet away. When asked about the Seattle ordinance, Burt replied, “We do a lot of work in Seattle, and we don’t do anything different.”

Paul van Orden, Portland’s noise control officer, found that pile driving at Block 17 has reached 110 decibels. (Noise above 85 decibels can cause permanent hearing loss in children, and the construction site is right next to a public park, the Fields.)

Jess, Hanson and other Sitka residents have led a battle for more stringent noise codes.

Jess and Hanson have researched and found quieter alternatives to pile driving. They say even a simple noise barrier, noise curtain or silencer could make a difference, even if it is a slight 10 decibels. 

They have gathered the names of about 60 neighbors on an email list, set up meetings, conducted research and written to city officials. On May 14, they took their complaint to the city Noise Review Board. They say they’ve been pointed this way and that by city officials unable or unwilling to address the problem.

Hanson and Jess say they complained directly to Mayor Charlie Hales this month after a local event. They say he referred them to Ed McNamara, a policy director for the mayor, who would help the neighbors set up a meeting with Hales. McNamara, it turns out, owns Turtle Island Development, the Sitka’s developer. Hanson and Jess say McNamara never called them back.



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