Christian Cult Leader – Extorts!

Jim Baker refuses to look at evidence and accept the truth. He prays for the world to end, then, says this is not a good thing. Hypocrite! What good are these religious terrorists? Their and Trump’s time is short! Nazis!


According to Bakker, if Christians stay home during the 2020 election, “I believe our time is so much shorter.”

“I agree,” Marzulli said.

“The End Days — everything the bible talks about, is happening,” Bakker added. “Is that right?”

“It is,” Marzulli replied. “And if Trump is not reelected, we will see things accelerate in ways that are unimaginable in my opinion.”

Jim Bakker & guest: If Trump isn’t reelected, the end of the world ‘will accelerate in unimaginable ways’

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