Radio London, The CIA, and Herbert Armstrong

The Washington Post just reported the Attorney General has been talking to foreigners about getting evidence Putin is innocent in regards to interfering with our elections. The hardest part about being a Prophet, is being made out to be INSANE, and, you can not prove you are not – until your prophecy comes true. This is what the Bible is all about. When I told Kim Haffner I am a prophet in regards to Radio London, she went on THE ATTACK. Did she know Ben Toney had just died?

Barr is attacking our Intelligence Agencies – with the help of foreigners! Where is James Bond?

I am James Bond. I am kin to Ian Fleming! Is his spirit working me?

John Presco

Rosamond Press

In the video below, Herbert Armstrong, challenges his listeners to find reference to anyone going to heaven in the Bible. Did my late friend, Ben Toney hear Herbert’s word, but, he was not really listening? Herbert Armstrong gave London Radio $50,000 dollars a year to air his half hour show. It appears Radio London, and other Pirate Radio Stations, received money from the CIA. The co-founder of the European Union, Denis de Rougemont, was President of the Congress for Cultural Freedom, that was funded by the CIA who was in Cold War with the Soviety Union, the N0.1 enemy of Armstrong. President Trump and Boris Johnson see the European Union as their enemy.

I am going to go before the Springfield City Council and ask for funding. I may own the only images of KORE. If it was still standing, I would hold classes insider about The Church owning World…

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