The Trumpire Declares War On California

My newspaper, and this reporter, have been predicting a war would be declared on California, and the Liberal West, by The Neo-Confederate Evangelical Nazi Party. a’k.a. ‘The Red State Menace of The End Time Killer Jesus’ whose promise to destry mostof the world in order to establish his kingdom, is now Government policy.

Christian Charity was there from the start. The real Jesus gave Biblical lessons on how to treat the poor, the homeless, the lame. Evangelical LAWMAKERS should have made the homeless their top priority. Instead, they made taking over the Republican Party founded by my California Kindred, the number one DESIRE of their King Jesus. Jesus hated the rich – and the Pharisee Lawyer Hypocrites who said they were God’s holy people chosen to interpret the Torah for the good of all God’s people. We saw these Holy Lawyers going after Democratic lawmakers for proving Trump’s lackey – IS A LIAR – and should have been held in contempt!

Our Founding Fathers did not found this Democracy on words found in the Book of Daniel and Revelations. They did not lay down preparations for the Great Tribulation. They never heard of The Rapture. Millions of Evangelicals are bid to take their belief system out of their church – AND THRUST IT IN THE FACE of non-believers and secular lawmakers. We are talking about PROPHECY!  I prophesized this take0ver was coming. I was right. I am proof prophesizing – WORKS!

Play both videos at same time! I am sure Trump’s handlers have shown Trump the Tribulation video. Was Carson in the room, agreeing God wants more starving babies on his planet so more people will convert – AND LOVE HIM?


Take note that the two Trade Towers are still standing when the blessed day of holy destruction – comes! And, I must bow down to my obese neighbors as they torment me in the name of Jesus, because they claim they are “God’s holy people”? They are INSANE! They are – THE BAD SIGN!

Millions of Christians have abandoned empirical truth, to live in a fantasy word ruled by their Antichrist Ruler, Donald Trump, who has lied over twelve thousand times, while declaring the Free Press is the enemy of the people. I believe Trump is in league with Putin, who has hated California more than any foreign leader, because he is the only foreign leader who hates California! How about Washington and Oregon? These Western States aren’t buying the dumb-ass bullshit fed Beer-drunk NASCAR Bubbas, and fake Nashville cowboys, not to mention the Judgmental 500 hundred pound lardos for the rapture and end time king Jesus – who is in the back pocket of Big Business!

Big Hog Money Man has been funding the Religious-right, and other groups who hate environmentalists. Most Christians think trying to save Planet Earth, is of Satan. This attack is the last vicious gasp of mentally ill Haters who have seen the polls, that says 90% of young people are extremely interested in saving the environment. This is a political game at the expense of the poor and the homeless. All churches should be ashamed of themselves. This HOG MAN in the White House is trying to sway young voters, and make them ‘Haters of the Earth’.

This BIG LIAR for Jesus devastated the Midwest farmers and their land. Many have lost their farms and are facing homelessness. For years Trump declared himself the King of New York! Did he do anything to help the homeless in his Home State? No!

Russian Hackers will be working the homeless problem in order to get Trump back in the White House. This is a National Attack by Putin. Why not fly the homeless to Siberia? Name your price Mr.Putin. What will it take to get your jetliners on the runway? I know how to put the crown of the Romanoff on your head!

I wondered if The Trumpire was going to ship the homeless to Greenland if they owned, it a big ugly joke to put our homeless at Europe’s front door.

John Presco

Trump and officials in San Francisco and Los Angeles have been at odds over what the president believes is their failure to tackle the growing number of people living on the streets.

“They’re in serious violation,” Trump told reporters aboard Air Force One. “They have to clean it up. We can’t have our cities going to hell.”

Trump said the issue was an environmental one because “tremendous pollution,” including syringes used by homeless addicts to inject drugs, was flowing into the Pacific Ocean from Bay Area cities.

Earlier in the day, U.S. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson rejected requests from California for more money to fight homelessness, saying the Trump administration was already doing its part.

Governor Gavin Newsom and other Democratic elected officials, including the mayors of Los Angeles and San Francisco, asked Trump this week for federal funds to expand programs to provide stable living environments for the homeless.

“Your letter seeks federal dollars for California from hardworking American taxpayers but fails to admit that your state and local policies have played a major role in the current crisis,” Carson said in response.

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    I posted this in September of 2019. I was not aware of DeSantis who goes after Disneyland.

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