Francus and Lady Liberty

I represent the Lost Kingdom of Troy – that is in your midst! Long live Troy!

John ‘The Prophet’

Rosamond Press

The followers of John Darby, and the Fake Evangelical King of America and Jerusalem, have attacked the Statue of Liberty. I bid all people of French descent to for Militias and defend the gift and symbol of Democracy.

The Louisiana Purchase was not legal and was opposed by Thomas Jefferson. I gifted this territory to my ex-fiancé.

My claims are very sound, while the claims of America’s Militias are pretentious! The Red States of the Midwest will come over due to the devastating tariffs. Are the Rapture Loons suggesting that only European Immigrants will be Raptured. No Jew, and the Nation of Israel believes in the Rapture, or, that Jesus was a Jewish Messiah. I have shown that he descends from Priam and Paris, who Solomon and David. In my book I will show the connection between the Gauls, Galatia, and Troy! There is a lineage from Jesus and…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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