The Trumpire Declares War On California

I posted this in September of 2019. I was not aware of DeSantis who goes after Disneyland.

Rosamond Press

My newspaper, and this reporter, have been predicting a war would be declared on California, and the Liberal West, by The Neo-Confederate Evangelical Nazi Party. a’k.a. ‘The Red State Menace of The End Time Killer Jesus’ whose promise to destry mostof the world in order to establish his kingdom, is now Government policy.

Christian Charity was there from the start. The real Jesus gave Biblical lessons on how to treat the poor, the homeless, the lame. Evangelical LAWMAKERS should have made the homeless their top priority. Instead, they made taking over the Republican Party founded by my California Kindred, the number one DESIRE of their King Jesus. Jesus hated the rich – and the Pharisee Lawyer Hypocrites who said they were God’s holy people chosen to interpret the Torah for the good of all God’s people. We saw these Holy Lawyers going after Democratic lawmakers for proving Trump’s lackey…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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