The Suede Coat Lie

I did not ask Raphael why her voice was raspy. She offered this – lie! Rosemary was used to going on long drives with few breaks for a ciggerette. I believe two of the chilldren at Rocky Point, were hers. She if the “third sister” the Sherrif told me about. “I thought it was another of Christine’s sisters.” Raph is a retired airline stewardess who get great deals on flight. She would have flown up – on Friday! Mark would have picked her up from the airport.

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At the bottom of this message is instructions on how to care for suede.

Christine Rosamond was not wearing a sweater under her light coat.

The Mysterious Jacket
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Fri Nov 21, 2008 10:18 am |
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The Mysterious Jacket

“And what significance does the jacket have? It isn’t oj’s glove…..”

Shamus Dundon

Take a good look at this photo of Rocky Point and see how high up the
edge of the ice plants are.

Shamus and Vicki Presco claim a wave washed the suede jacket
Christine was wearing up this high. When did this wave do this –
after Christine managed to get it off while struggling for her life
for fifty minutes? Then, there could not have been one large “rogue
wave” as claimed. There had to be many large…

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