The Suede Test

Vicki, Cindy, and Pip

I suspect Pip and Cindy Blake drove up Friday and stayed in Christine’s house. I knew Cindy since she was born. Harry Blake was Johnny Carson’s makeup artist. When Harry retired, Cindy took over. She did not contribute to Snyder’s book. Was she told Vicki is dying – and is dead?

My sixteen year old daughter got sucked into this Codependent morass. When she came into my life I told her I do not have anything to do with my family. I told her and her family to stay away. It was 200o. I was working on a book about the Knights Templar and the Holy Grail. I was putting forth – my Rose Line!

John Presco

Copyright 2019

Wet Suede Jacket Test

My neighbor and I conducted a test in 0ur swimming pool. Sandy put on the jacket and walked into deeper water where she could still stand up. Then Sandy treaded water with ease. She felt no need to take the jacket off, and when she did, she stood on the bottom of the pool. It was a struggle. This would be very hard to do in the deep end. She would probably sink to the bottom to get footing. She could not zip it up. If she could, I suspect there would have been air pockets. The jacket was buoyant.

According to Tom Snyder in his lying divorce book, ‘When You Close Your Eyes’ he says Christine was washed into the sea by a big rogue wave – along with Drew – who would be her main concern. Why would she bother to take the jacket off? After allegedly handing her eight year old daughter off to Vicki, my sister spent fifty minutes clinging to the rocks and struggling to survive one giant wave after another. The water is 48 degrees. She is getting cold. This jacket would help her keep warm.

That said, how do you get Christine into the water – without a jacket on? All I want is a picture of how my sister died. The only thing that works, is this……….

Vicky and Shamus take Drew down to the cove to fish. A big wave takes Drew in. Vicki goes running up to the house to call 911. Christine runs out of the house without a jacket on. Shamus refuses to go into the water to save Drew. Whole families get wiped out trying to save each other.

Why the cover-up? Vicki and Shamus would be blamed for Christine’s death. Vicki is the named executor in our sister’s will. Shannon Rosamond would have Vicki dismissed. There was talk of a book and movie – before Christine died! Tom Snyder says Vicki Presco is the hero of his story. Vicki should have known better. Vicki was a surviving partner in millions of dollars of Rosamond prints. Everything that comes out of Vicki’s mouth blames Christine for her own death.

The coat weighed two more pounds when wet. I put it on my railing to dry. I would never let Shamus take my grandson down to the turbulent and dangerous ocean. Would you? You can see that finger of water in the video. Watch how high the sea rises on the rocks and cascades down. That’s what goes on in that cove.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2017


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    Do fathers get a word in, anyway? Daughters have shoved them aside. Strangers will be reading about MY family for generations to come.

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