Drew’s Fake Drawing


On CNN, Lemon defended the heightened attention the controversy has gotten.

“You know, I hear the president’s apologists saying, ‘Oh, it’s petty. You shouldn’t be focusing on it.’ No, this is a news story,” Lemon began. “This is the president of the United States and if you can’t trust what’s coming out of the president of the United States’ mouth, then where are we? Who are we, especially as journalists? Why wouldn’t we cover that? You’re supposed to be able to trust the president. … Accurate information should be coming from the highest office in the land instead of doubling down on what, quite frankly, is not the truth.”

Lemon’s colleague Chris Cuomo piled on the president, insisting the “bar” for credibility from the White House is low and that Trump has “put himself first” over all other considerations as he performs his duties.

Cuomo then blasted White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham for going after CNN over a botched graphic in which the network mislabeled Alabama as “Mississippi.”

Cuomo said there was “irony” in Grisham pointing out a CNN flub when her boss is a “gaffe machine.”


The Serial Lying form our leader is now titled ‘Sharpiegate’. Watergate is taken, so, how about ‘Rockygate that I turned into a contest, and, and Art Piece! I a, ahead of the curve!



I just watched a item on T.V. that says Trump has been on The Great Bulging Lie for five days, and, he can’t let it go because he is pathologically insane. Meanwhile, they are finding more bodies in the Bahamas. This is Emperor Nero fiddling while Rome burned. It is also the Cain Mutiny.

My detective friend trained me on what to do and not to do as we drove to Christine’s funeral. He bid me to take note of the unusual.

“Knowing your family, this will be hard. Use your intuition. Be on alert!”

My heart broke when I heard my first lie, from Raphael who had a crush on me since she was fifteen. Christine kept us apart.

“My voice is raspy because Rosemary smoked all the way in our drive from L.A.”

Raphael had tripled up on her lie – her alibi. She places herself and Rosemary away from the death scene. But, why the raspy voice? When I talked to the Sherrif on the phone, who went into the water with his scuba gear, he saw a third sister – and some children. Raphael had two children. I believe she was screaming at Christine while she was in the water for fifty minutes on the best way to get out – of this?

Christine had many nightmares about dying by a large wave. How in God’s name did she get near – THIS! I demand Drew be hooked up to a Lie Detector and asked……

“Did you draw this?”

Shamus tried to demonize me for asking good question about what Drew was doing when her mother ended up – in what she feared the most. He employed her age. She was eight. Has Drew also not Snyder’s Book of Lies, so she can say…….

“I knew that book was full of lies, and, I reasoned if I read it, I would not have to speak out – and correct it!”

Ditto for Shamus! Did Vicki read ‘When You Close Your Eyes? Shannon told me she didn’t read it. Drew was fourteen when she was interviewed by Snyder to be in his book of Weather Lies! Lying about the weather – is on par with lying to God! The truth is – these sea-fiends – played God! Trump is playing God! Baal is a weather god!

The second question I would ask Drew, is…..

“Did you ever dine at the Rocky Point café with your mother?”

Christine lived in the Carmel area for almost twenty years. She saw many newscasts about people being swept off the rocks. Vicki said a fisherman was swept off those very rocks a week before. I lost the article about the 24 years old woman who went down to the sea, and was never seen again. They found her car parked near the house my kin stayed in. Christine would never go to the edge of the sea to watch a hurricane. Never!

John Presco

Copyright 2019


Drew Benton’s Drawing of Rocky Point



The day before Christine’s funeral, Vicki and I are sitting at the dining room table in our late sister’s house talking about the accident. We make a diagram, or map of the place Christine was swept off the rocks. It is a top view and I we have placed four people in that bowl;


There is silence. I am considering talking to Vicki’s son, Shamus, when my sister gets up and takes the note pad into another room. Shamus and Drew are playing video games in the den. Drew is 9 years of age. My friend comments on how unshook she appears.

Vicki comes back with the pad and puts it down before me, and says;

“I had Drew do this drawing in order to get in touch with her feelings. She moved this person over here. (points to hyphan betwen two top figures) She was not happy with where she placed her. She wanted to be accurate. There are not four people in that cove.”

I questioned Vicki again as to who was down in that cove, and, Shamus was no longer there. I was flabbergasted. I kept my mouth shut. This was a very primitive drawing, something a three year old would do. How would this help Drew get in touch with her feelings – by moving a stick figure over three feet!

When I saw Drew’s drawing that Mark sent me, when Drew was the same age, I knew Vicki had done this drawing. Drew is a gifted artist. No way would she do anything like this – in order to get in touch with her feelings – or for any other reason. Vicki was only gone for five minutes. No way would Drew put down the joystick to do this drawing.

A couple of weeks later Vicki says Shamus was up in the main house playing video games.

“I thought you said that part of the house was locked?”
No commnet.

In another conversation Vicki puts Shamus up in the guest house reading a book.

I get a call from Shamus who is angry. I sent a report off to John Detro who I thought was a reporter for the Pinecone. He is a freelance writer, and has shown my report to his friend, Stacey Pierrot.

Shamus now tells me he got a headache due to it being cold, and left the cove to go rest in the guest house.

“Vicki said you were reading a book – with a headache?”

“I wasn’t reading a book.”

I believe the sheriff and the coroner have a copy of this drawing on file. Vicki added to this drawing by showing me how far out the water, was, due to it being low tide – so ar you could not see it. And, it was foggy. Vicki put the fog in – and it has not lifted hence. Vicki needs to take a lie detector test – and some art lessons!

Vicki is an egregious liar, a master liar! Drew needs to be asked if she did this drawing. I suspect she is a poor liar, like her cousin Shamus. This is why we have only one eye-witness account from the three survivors.

When I talked to the sheriff on the phone he told me the main house was open and there were about five adults inside, plus, three children! He had put on scuba equipment to go fetch Christine who was still alive thirty minutes after the first 911 call. He told me he saw a third sister down in that cove. Was this Nina? Does she have children? Did she look like Christine?

These lies are an art form. This is minimalist art. That pyramid atop the hill is a house! Unbelievable! A helicopter plucked Christine from the sea and landed her near this house. My sister was put in a waiting ambulence so CPR work could be done. The ambulence rushed fifteen miles to the hospital. Why isn’t this drama in any book? Why have we not read many eye-witness accounts? What drama! What we allegedly got – is a child’s drawing of stick-figures? And from this they make a movie! Are you kidding me! Why don’t we see a helicopter in this famous cartoon drwan by a member of the famous Benton family?

C’mon! Where’s that infamous “rogue wave” and the 20 knot wind?

What we got for action, is a hyphan. So much for getting in touch with one’s feelings!

What became of the drawing Vicki and I made together that put her son about five feet from Christine? She must have torn it off the pad, and threw it away – as planned!

In a home movie Vicki and Shamus made a week later, serveral waves fill the cove.

“See, this is what happened to us.”

Shamus says something, and Vicki says;

“I told you not to come down here because it was too dangerous!”

Then THEY find the jacket Christine was allegedly wearing, high up in the iceplants.

“The big waves must have tossed it up here.” says Vicki.

When I questioed Shamus about this suede jacket that was in pristine condition, I wondering how Christine got it off, and how it made its way into the cover, I was hit with one giant lie after another.

The question I asked Vicki, that made her go fetch this drawing, was;

“Was it possible for Shamus to rescue Christine?”

It’s time for Vicki to get in touch with her feelings in a court of law – with a big blackboard hovering in the background! Time for some good ol courtroom drama!

Strap me to a lie detector! I’m good to go!

Jon Presco







Barbara Layne told me she was talking to Vicki, Drew, and Shamus, when Garth Benton drove up. I asked Barbara if he was alone in the car? She said yes. This contradicts the account Garth told Tom Snyder that appears in his biography ‘When You Close Your Eyes’.

We were almost there when an ambulance passed us, going the other
way. We both realized it was carrying Christine. My mind flashed back
over the last few months and years, and all the anguish for Nina and
Drew and me, even for Christine. I was crying, and I turned to Nina —
this is what I am ashamed of — and I said, ‘we’re free. And Drew is



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