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finds3I am now holding a Where Is Shamus? Detective Contest, and a Perilous Sea Art Contest. The winners will be included in my Art Show, and my book.

After many years of looking at how my late sister, the world famous artist known as ‘Rosamond’, ended up in what she feared most – the sea – I have come up with ONE theory, or solution, that fits all the clues and evidence – like a glove. This solution does not involve foul play. There may be clues I am blind to, I not wanting to believe my kindred are cruel and devious felons, but, there is real evidence this is the case.

I want to see if anyione else can arrive at the ONE SOLUTION, too.

Many years ago, my daughter, Heather Hanson, bid me to make amends with Vicki. We talked on the phone. When she told me Robin Beare was Christine’s divorce attorney, I hung up. Beare was Garth’s attorney who battled my late sister – when she was alive. After Christine is dead, Beare went after Christine’s adult daughter with a viciousness that was chilling. I was at Vicki’s house a month after the funeral when Beare called. They talked like sister’s. I asked who that was. Vicki told me that was Garth’s attorney who I had nothing to fear from, for she is “steeped in co-dependency issues like you are!”

A couple of days after another chit-chat with Beare, Vicki asks this question;

“Do you remember me giving Shannon keys to the house?”

“Why do you ask?”

“She was arrested for trespassing.”

I and my friend were in Christine’s home when the lock-smith changed the locks, and Vicki handed our niece the keys. An hour earlier, Vicki asked me to come live in the house and guard Shannon, keep her from stealing. I suggested she pick up the camera that was lying there and get everything in the house on video.

“Why don’t you do it Mr. Big Idea Man!” spat my little sister – in front of several people. I left.

I suspected Vicki was trying to set me up.

Above are words that Beare filed in court after Shannon was put in handcuffs. Beare says Vicki called Shannon in LA and told her she changed the locks. How then did she get in the house? She broke in. She was set up. I am sure the cops tried her keys in the door – and they did not fit! I made a complaint against Beare to the Bar Assocation. The Divorce was till on!

After Thanksgiving, I asked Vick why she and Drew did not call me. Two weeks before Christmas, I put forth the idea that Drew and James Dudnon could come to Oregon and meet their Dundon kin out here. They both got nervous. I got no call from them – or Heather and Tyler – on Christmas. The divorce is now final.

The truth is, Drew and Garth Benton were happy Christine was dead. Two weeks after my sister was gone, Garth sent out letters to past customers offering them Rosamond prints. Aunt Lillian got one, and was shocked. Stacey said she was forced to send this Dead Artist Sale, and was concerned because Garth was not named Executor, yet! This is REAL THEFT from the Estate of Christine Rosamond Benton, if Garth sent prints through the mail after getting money from past customers. Did Beare find out what Garth had done? The best defence – is an offence, ay Beare………… friggen witch!

Compare Beare’s letter to the one Patrice sent me. Why am I, Christine’s teacher, and Shannon, the adult heir, being demonized, depicited as dangerous and insane, imcapable of getting along with anyone? Then they clamin they have value, and are worthy of vaulable things? Tom Snyder does the same thing to Christine is his bio.

Lillian sent me the flyer Garth sent her, and it ammounts to the biggest blunder in art history. Garth exposes his hand by listing the stock and price. Anyone who would buy art, has a nose for money. They understood rare stamps are worth more. They are looking to take a gamble, they wondering if the price of a Rosamond will skyrocket now that she is dead. They look at this list, and they wonder why all these prints have not sold. Is she a passing fad?

They then read the small print and Desperate Garth is begging for money, he wanting the long time buyer of Rosamonds to pay $12 dollars for a shipping tube. What an idiot! Here he stands to make $240,000 dollars off ‘Jessie’ and he’s too cheap to pay for shipping?

I would have sent past customer a tasteful flyer with six images, a brief bio, and words that with taste say;

“Get them while they last, and while you can afford one!”

A month later, I would send another flyer with six more images – that have trippled in price!

Then, there are those rumors that Rosamond is not really dead, but, is hiding out in Brazil fearing for her safety like Shannon and Robin fear for their safety – and Garths!

Today, Drew and Shannon are dead broke. I blame Garth and Robin Beare who had to WIN – at all costs!

In an e-mail to Drew, I asked her to be in my biography. I got no response. I am sure Vicki and Drew were afraid I would back her into a corner and grill her.

When I beheld my daughter for the second time, I told her and Patrice to stay away from my family and the Gallery Gargoyles, because, they are after the money, the hundreds of prints I saw stored in the garage, that are valued at millions of dollars. Above is the Pandora’s Box that Garth let loose in the world. Get out your calculator and add up the images of these beautiful women, like you would images of Presidents.

How could Heather and Patrice stay away – after I told them cunning outsiders were trying to get it all. They just had to go take a peek! What was I thinking. Women are curious this way. Vicki and Garth were counting on this, they owning all the power now that Shannon was a jail-bird and freaking out!

Above are the words of Chris Campbell who says her boss gave permission for Pierrot to author a biography and a screenplay – for Drews’sake! Drew had no love for her mother, for Shannon, or for me. We only met once, the day of her mother’s funeral that drew and Garth did not attend, they not wanting to see Shannon there…….and the Rose ofthe World who was a thorn in their side – when alive – and a gold mine, now that she is allegedly, dead.

In the end, like Vicki, Drew is ‘Daddy’s Little Girl’.

So, feel free to enter both contests. You wont be hurting anyone’s feelings. Any monies generated, will be shared with Shannon and my grandson.

My movie ends with a scene in a Montery landfill, the locks that once secured Rosamond’s abode, lying there in the filth and garbage, while seagulls fight over a empty can of tuna.


This is what I’m talkig about! This is going to be a great Art Show. Give me your best! Send photos of your work, and your guesses, to

The seascap above is titled ‘Undertow’.

Winslow Homer
American (1836-1910)
Oil on canvas

Jon Presco

Copyright 2013

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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