The Perfect Adult-Children of Alcoholics

It’s time to publish my autobiography, something I have been very feaful to do. I fear for my life! I fear my ex-family will really try to hurt me – after I caugt them telling more lies concerning a death in the family!  I do not have a family anymore. If they show up at my door, I will defend myself from The Destructive Strangers!

Once again, Shamus Dundon, exhibited he still owns anger for Christine, because, she put him and his mother, in her famous shadow. Shamus has worked hard to put me – in his shadow – out of revenge. He is severely mentally ill. He is an adult-child of a alcoholic. I believe he is a alcoholic. Vicki sent the photo above to Stacey Pierrot to have it appear in our sister’s book. Vicki’s struggle to make it all work out for her, just her, is over!

Every time Rosemary got around Vic’s mother – it was war! Why?

“I’ve raised four children by myself. You failed to raise – even one!”

Victor William Presco…………died the Designated Family Baby! No one took care of Baby Vic, better then the baby in the family. Ask Shamus if I tell the truth! Ask Shamus if Baby Vic told him I wasn’t his child, and, I was the child of the man my mother lay down with, and……betrayed him with! I am…..The Child of Adultery! I was Born in Sin!

My father could not handle…………even his one son! Mark Presco has disappeared himself! He is not here for……….Vicki. I grew up with two cowards!

The question the real Art World will be asking, is……….How much more creative would these two siblings be, have been, without all these dark and evil obstacles put in their way? Why didn’t someone RESCUE these children?

I am looking for a good attorney to ask Sydney Morris, why he did not honor, and protect, the surviving family artist?

Oh! I left out Garth Benton, Drew’s father. Shamus was going after me on Tuseday, saying I demonized Drew.

“Did you read Snyder’s book? Christine was severely demonized in that book. She is made out to be mentally ill – and dangerous! That’s Garth’s book, wherein he is exonerated and forgiven of all sins! Did you read about how family members looted my sister’s estate – after the funeral? That’s an evil lie, told to discredit everyone – but Vicki!”

“I have NOT read that book, and, I’m not going to!”

In Snyder’s story, he tells how Garth and his girlfriend pass the ambulance going to the hospital. The Layne family told me they saw Garth pull in while Christine was being loaded into the ambulance. He was the only person in the car. I was told Vicki said this;

“We came here for a family reconciliation.”

Shamus told me he, Vicki, Drew, and Garth drove behind the ambulance as it sped to the hospital. Garth was driving. Nina was not in the car. Shamus made it clear he took Garth’s side in the divorce. Vicki told me several months after Christine allegedly had a terrible accident by the sea, this………

“Drew has no fond feeling for her mother!”

I just got back from my breakfast break. On the news I saw Dorian slamming into America. People are fleeing for they lives. In the Bahamas, real human beings are sobbing, because they can’t find their loved ones. Then we see The Trumpire holding up that doctored chart.

I could have published a Tell All book years ago! I could have exploited the Family Tragedies FOR MONEY like the outsiders did. But, our story is not over? When will the looting by the real looters, end? Will there be looters in the Carolina’s? Will they be shot on sight, be forced to drop their booty because they took a round to head?

We had ‘The Grassy Knoll’. Now we got……’The Battle of the Bulge’ that will go down in infamy!

Let me count our dead: Vic Presco. Rosemary Presco. Christine Presco. Vicki Presco. Garth Benton.

Let us count the Half-dead pretender who is the Disloyal Seed of Evil!

John Presco

I own the impression, that Shamus Dundon, Drew Benton, and Shannon Sidel, wish me dead – especially after Vicki died. Then, it would all work for them>

In God’s name! Make it stop!

When I became an artist at twelve, I read stories about famous artists being surrounded by parasites – who tore the artist apart in every imaginable way! I did not want this to happen to me. But, then………I did! For……it would mean I was a famous artist? Or, just someone close to me? Shamus commented to me three days ago, that he was not born with psychic gifts like other members of our family. He was not born with any gifts! Knowing this disqualified him in every way, he dug deep, and discovered he was ‘A Gifted Lair’ just like the President of the United States, who does not own the gift of a leader.

With me and Mark out of they way, Shamus will be the leader and get all the attention again, like he did with Karen Snyder, who I believe he slept with. Then, there is Pip. However, they too are dead. They died of acute alcoholism………..The Family Disease.

I have thirty-two years sobriety. At AA meetings we talk about the bad things we did. Christine dies on her first sober birthday. There was a “beach party” planned to celebrate her sober birthday. But, Christine had been talking. She had a sponsor, and was a big hit at the meetings. I’m sure she told her Captain Victim tales. I am sure her sponsor bid her to keep a diary, which is common. Did Christine consider turning her Sober Diary into a book? She had seen parts of my autobiography I began in 1992.

There’s a very good chance, that what my family has done to me after Christine was “killed” they did to my sister. Shannon told me she was angry with Shamus because he was not doing enough to bring her aunt around – and save her! Is there a Probate? Did Vicki leave a litter for me in her Safe Deposit Box? Did Vicki look down from heaven, and see her son – burn this letter?

John Presco

Copyright 2019

“It was bigger than most of the cells he had been in. But he hardly noticed his surroundings. All he noticed was that there were two small tables straight in front of him, each covered with green baize. One was only a metre or two from him, the other was further away, near the door. He was strapped upright in a chair, so tightly that he could move nothing, not even his head. A sort of pad gripped his head from behind, forcing him to look straight in front of him.

For a moment he was alone, then the door opened and O’Brien came in.

‘You asked me once,’ said O’Brien, ‘what was in Room 101. I told you that you knew the answer already. Everyone knows it. The thing that is in Room 101 is the worst thing in the world.’

The door opened again. A guard came in, carrying something made of wire, a box or basket of some kind. He set it down on the further table. Because of the position in which O’Brien was standing. Winston could not see what the thing was.

‘The worst thing in the world,’ said O’Brien, ‘varies from individual to individual. It may be burial alive, or death by fire, or by drowning, or by impalement, or fifty other deaths. There are cases where it is some quite trivial thing, not even fatal.’

He had moved a little to one side, so that Winston had a better view of the thing on the table. It was an oblong wire cage with a handle on top for carrying it by. Fixed to the front of it was something that looked like a fencing mask, with the concave side outwards. Although it was three or four metres away from him, he could see that the cage was divided lengthways into two compartments, and that there was some kind of creature in each. They were rats.

‘In your case,’ said O’Brien, ‘the worst thing in the world happens to be rats.’

Ruled By Bohemian Boy Lumpers


My brother and I were raised under two systems. The Roman Mafia Slave & Crime Consortium, and The Sacred Rosy Prostitute and Defiant Wife Conglomerate. Study the photograph above. Mark, Christine, and I have just been told our mother is making porno movies for Big Bones Remmer, and is a part-time prostitute for the Mafia Boss. We are told to be extra good, or, we will be taken from Rosemary and put up for adoption. We will be separated by a Judge. This did not happen till after Christine somehow, drowned, and the Judge Silver appointed Sydney Morris, who secretly blessed the affair Vicki Presco was having with her brother-in-law, Garth Benton, that I suspect Christine discovered during her divorce, and threatened to disown Vicki as a sibling. Whatever!

Garth was an artist, and he was sticking it to his sister-in-law, thus Vicki believed she was a member of the art community. I conclude she is a whore, like her mother. But, that can’t be all that bad because some scholars believe Jesus was born of a whore and Roman general. Victor had dreams of being a Roman general when he was a teenager. Here he is doing an impression of Caligula with his granddaughter, Shannon after Little Victor brought her father back into the fold because he was paying extra special attention to her, and bribing her with money and toys – even candy! There is The Piata, and the The Rosy Betrayal of  Poor Papa! Vicki was Victors – Cheerleader! Vic gave up his chance to be tough like his sons when he chose to be a coward and a child molester.

“Come! Let us pity him someone!” Note the statue of Saint Francis.


On the wall is my watercolor that was chosen to tour the world in a Red Cross show. This was quite an honor – a Family Honor! Our house is filled with family antiques. When you are disgraced, demeaned, and defiled at every turn, this recognition can change the dynamics of a family that is on the brink of destruction. No sooner did Rosemary drive Little Caesar out of our life with a knife, then, reality set in. His children were now her children – alone! Would he give us child support, or, would he continue to Ply Barflies For Pity? Would the Souza Brothers continue to get the Lion’s Share of King Victor’s earnings in our father’s need to outdo his father?

Then there were Rosemary’s sons who were entering their pubescence. Holy shit! What is that going to be like – without a father! Our mother was scared! Would we hate her for getting rid of our Father Figure? What father figure? A year before he died I asked Vic why he was so mean to his sons.

“Who was your role model, if he didn’t have one?”

“Wolf Larsen. He was my role model when I was a teenager. I wanted you and Mark to grow up tough.”

Mark and I were tough. Our peers did not fuck with us. We were very strong, and not just in a muscular way. We were Lumpers in Oakland’s Produce Market. See these hand carts? A grown Lumper will stack crates and boxes, to the top. Vic would let us get away with one box less. He got dirty looks from the Italian produce guys – and their grown sons – as my brother and I struggled with our load at eight and nine. It was an insane scene! Grown men wanted to punch Vic’s lights out. Now if this was a movie set?

“Cut! You boys need a rest. Help yourself to all the donuts and soft drinks!”


Mark and I raised our sisters with the help of our best friends, Bill Arnold, and Rick Young. We hardly saw Rosemary, even on the weekend. On Saturday morning The Children woke up and we made pancakes. Here is a list of  The Children and our friends who often spent the night. Our home was a safe and creative haven for children. It was a Commune.

Mark Presco. Greg Presco. Christine Presco. Vicki Presco. Rick Young. Bill Arnold. Sue Garnick. Linda Johnson.

There was never enough money for food, light bulbs, shoe polish, soap, meat, ect. When we four boys would go shopping with Rosemary, we stuffed all we could in our specially sewn pockets. Bill and Rick would ask Rosemary what she needed, and, off they would go to break the law. We were great Shoplifters. We called ourselves Ma Barker and her Boys. How dare Vicki work Vic for extra goodies! She worked his mother, too.

Rosamond Press

Prescos 1961 Mark, Greg & Christine on tableI stated years ago that my blogs are part of my therapy. The head of Serenity Lane, who saw mw one-on-one, said this in my After-care package.

“Write! Write! Write!”

From here on, none of my writing is aimed at Rena Easton. If she wants to go back to being a lurker to this blog, fine! That is none of my business.

When I opened Rena’s letter I was shocked to see how perfect her lettering was. Having spent three years in the Adult-Children-Of-Alcoholics Twelve Step Program, I knew the traits of those who suffer from the abuse of alcoholic parents. These perfect letters made me cry. When Rena talked about being afraid most of her life, and not having friends, I cried some more! When I began her letter within an hour of reading her letter, I cried through most of it. I assumed Rena had been in therapy…

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