Lily-Rose and Neo-Nazis


How long has it been since my niece, Shannon Rosamond Sidel, told me my sister was a vegetable in a rest home? She offered to come get me and drive me to see Veg-Vicki in Arizona. I am not going!

After watching ‘Breaking Hate’ on MSNB last night, my eyes have been opened. There is no way I can save the miraculous story of meeting my sixteen year old daughter for the first time. So what? There were Rosamond prints to be had! When my serious artist friends asked me what it was like to be the brother of the greatest commercial artist of all time, I said this;

“Rosamond has proven that – even Nazis had girlfriends!”

“What do you mean?”

“Everyone of those beautiful women has their nose in the air, and is saying “I don’t need you!”. This message was first aimed at me, and is now applicable to the art world, and males in general. She get’s it from my brother and father, who are Neo-Nazis.”

Heather and I were united in 2000. A year later she has been disappeared from my life. She has made a bond with Vicki and her son, Shamus Dundon. She is going to have a child that she says she will name, Lily-Rose if it is a girl. I would not be told I am a grandfather.

Vicki told me our father’s secretaries called him ‘Vic The Nazi’. Three of them worked in his home in Lafayette. My father would put on videos about Nazi Germany at lunch time and lecture his CAPTIVE audience on how Hitler could have won the war. This Nazi denied I was his son. He convince my aunt Lillian, I was the son of a man whom his wife cheated on while he was away on a merchant ship. Rosemary stabbed him in the back.

In my first attempt to make amends with Vicki after Christine’s death, she flies in Lillian who at the airport is shocked at how much I look like Vic.

“See! I told you Vic was not telling the truth when he said Greg was not his son!”

This was another sneaky act by Tricky Vicki as Robbie called her. For years she went along with this ABANDONMENT and was richly rewarded. My daughter, Heather Hanson, was seventeen when she went along with EVERYONE and vanished from my life, in hope of getting in Rosamond’s biography, and getting Cash&Prizes – too!

Last night I watched a man struggle to stay alive. His father was a neo-Nazi who shot people in the Holocaust Memorial – with his gun! He and another are disabled due to PTSD. A father asked his son to strap on an explosive and take out Jews. He refused. He was DISOWNED and is mentally ill due to the insane loyaty checks he suffered. My daughter and her lover, who I believes is a neo-Nazi, called me a “parasite” because I get money for being mentally disabled. One father published his Nazi Manifesto.

Here’s my brothers HATE manifesto. He made a saluting Nazi out of wood and hung it over his bed. He went along with our father disowning me. He made no attempt to tell Lilian his father – he disowned – was a EVIL LIAR! Mark had all but disowned me, making him the only worthy male in the family. Vic had not seen his son since he was sixteen.

Here is a photography of Lillian and Rosemary with their husbands. Uncle Dick flew over fifty bombing missions over Germany. He killed thousands of Cillian’s. He had a scar on his chin from a piece of shrapnel. Rosemary worked in Naval Intelligence spying on the Russians. She died not knowing she is kin to Ian Fleming and Liz Taylor. My kindred fought THE NAZIS……..and won!

At Christine’s funeral, I met three Sister’s in AA who invited me to my natal sister’s home group that met on that day. They wanted e to hear the good things Christine had to say about me. They opened her eyes to THE EVIL MEN she was related to. I am sure her sponsor, and her therapist inquired about the relationship she had with the males, and, what kind of relationship we had with each other. Vic admitted to me he had sexual intercourse with Christine’s daughter, but, she encouraged him.

When Christine saw what Mark and Vic were doing to me, her beautiful brother who taught her how to paint, she saw what they were doing to her. She saw who drove a wedge between THE FAMILY ARTISTS. Vic and Mark are the same person. They conducted an EVIL LOYALTY CHECK that I FAILED in everyway. So did Christine, but, she was a world famous artist, and they needed this truth………..IN THEIR FUCKING RESEME!

When my MINOR daughter found out how to get a hold of me, they were all working on Heather’s reseme. Heather want to be a Rich Star. Her evi family thinks highly of themselves. They looked at members of my family – as their asset! Their father was a Neo-Nazi who conduced Evil Loyalty Checks. When you demand loyalty from people, you have to be prepared to PUNNISH someone! I am ‘The Chosen One’. The family Scapegoat. I am the one who has been exposing Mark and Vic – most of my life!

Today, I do not have a family, outside of AA. Vicki told me Christine wanted to see me again. I am sure she told Vicki this, who told my believed sister a lie. She told her she told me, and, told her I did not want to see her again. Vicki empowered Mark and Vic. I turn my back on Tricky Vicki. She got what she deserves.

I told Heather and her mother to forget the rival biography, and that we had the story that will make the three of us rich and famous. Here is the list of people that convinced my MINOR daughter I was a BIG LOSER!

Heather was born on Rosemary’s birthday.  Above are pics of Rosemary at the Rucker Company Christmas party, where she was always the center of attention. We were raised by a black maid. Her hatred of Vic was always the topic as we dined at our T.V. trays. Vic was a HUGE LOSER! This is all she talked about. Christine never got any attention. Rosemary could care less that my sister lost her father, and her superior older brother – who was not there for anyone. He mocked Christine and my sensitivity. He refused to listen to anyone’s problems. He was determined to – BE SOMEBODY!

What Christine discovered thanks to her brother’s and sisters in AA, was……….

I raised Christine.

And now you know! And now the outside parasite will study this revelation and decide amongst them the best way to MAKE MONEY and get FAME from our acute suffering.

One thing is for sure, The Tricky Brain of Vicki’ will not be in on the scheming!

Goodbye – Vicki – you treacherous piece of Nazi shit!

I rescind all offers I have made in order to own a little respect, accept to Marilyn Reed who has been a loyal friend.

John Presco

Copyright 2019

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