The Phantom of Lily Rose

patrice-hanson3“I¯m happy this is all out in the open now. It kind of lifts a weight off me that I wasn¯t really aware of but can notice now how much better it feels that you know about your daughter.”

I met Patrice in a bar in 1986. We slept together, and that was that, but in the morning she told me her two boys were being severely abused by their step-father and she was desperate to get them away from him. I invited these boys to come live with me. Patrice never met any member of my family in the month we were together. She went back for more abuse and never told her husband it was my child lest he kill Heather. Guess who will end up the bad guy in the Rosamond Movie where Christine’s ninety year old kindergarten teacher is found.

My aunt Lillian told me she had seen photos of my sixteen year old daughter after she commented she had a large ass, not a small ass like the Wieneke women.

“Where were these photos taken?” I asked Aunt Lil incredulously.
“At the Rosamond Gallery. Stacey sent them to me.”
“What! Are you sure they were photos of my daughter? What color hair did she have?”
“Dark brown.” Lil replied.

All of a sudden the dark spell was broken, the one Heather’s mother had put me in. When I first lay eyes on Heather Hanson, she had died her hair blonde. This meant she had brown hair before we met, and, this meant she was at the gallery opening that I was not invited to. My brother said he was going, and I suggested he pay my way to Carmel. He refused of course, and, of course he met my daughter and her mother who had responded to the Rosamond Gallery website wherein Pierrot was asking people who knew Christine to come forward and contribute to the Rosamond Masquerade Ball.

Patrice did not immediately call the gallery and ask where I was? She claimed she had no way to find me, and thus, I missed my daughters formative years. When she got my number and called me up, she asked me to fill her in on our history together, because she forgot. Gee, you would think she would have written it down long ago so when Heather inquires…………

Patrice walked in the gallery cold, with her Child Star in tow. She sought out Pierrot, and when she found her more then likely asked;

“Who does this beautiful girl look like?”

She was hoping Heather looked like Christine. She did. I am sure Stacey took pictures – after talking to Lil on the phone. Heather met Vicki and Mark, and other members of my family. I am sure Tom Snyder was there, and this very nice guy must have smoozed and wooed Heather and Patrice, because he and I were in conflict. I forbid him to use Christine and my recovery in AA to sell Rosamond prints for Stacey. The beautiful women are being used like whores is what I told the executor and probate judge. But, Tom was desperate. He had nothing! If could only capture my beautiful daughter born on Rosemary’s birthday.

When I began to question Patrice’s motives, she disappeared herself and my daughter. I had become dangerous. Heather and I could still write each other via a post box. In her last letter she asks me to talk more about me and my history. I became suspicious she wanted my letter for Snyder’s book ‘When You Close Your Eyes’.

Then this box was closed and I had not contact with my daughter for nearly two years. I alas find her via my nephew, Shamus Dundon, who tells me he met Heather, and she is going to have a baby that she plans to name Lily-Rose – if she is a girl!

When you look at the vile and cunning history through the eyes of Patrice Hanson, you see a real witch in the works here. Patrice hung a Rosamond image over Heather’s bed when she was a baby. She told her famous aunt rendered this beautiful woman, that will be her spirit-guide to fame and fortune.

Patrice was a Stage Mother who bid our daughter to take acting and music lessons in order to prove there was a hidden artistic genius lurking in the Hanson genes. When she discovered Christine was dead, she saw our daughter as an heir to the Rosamond Throne. At the gallery, my kindred and others told Mommy Dearest that it was best she contact me, for if I read about I having a daughter in Snyder’s biography, I am going on the warpath. When Patrice first called me she knew there was danger. She played me – with the help of her Heather Doll.

In the e-mail below Patrice sent me, she is trying to keep HER MAN in the mix, the man who empowered her and my daughter. It felt so good to be the only parent of Heather amidst my family, and all that fortune and fame. If only I had never been born!

In the photo of above Patrice, looks like Skull-Witch, the Great Deceiver! Skull-Witch has replaced our Muse, Rena Victoria. If Rena had agreed to marry me she would have been Rosemary’s daughter-in-law, and Christine’s sister-in-law.

In my book, Rena Victoria shows up at the Rosamond Gallery dressed like the Phantom of the Opera. My Muse begins to rip off their rosy masks one by one in order to free her old love, Don Juan, from hell. True Art – must prevail!

Patrice was married to the Grateful Dead Imposter, Randy Delpiano, and out his name on Heather’s birth certificate. You can’t make this stuff up. Who is this phantom author?

Jon Presco

Copyright 2013

E-mail from Patrice

I¯ve been thinking about the apparent conflict in regard to the biography. Perhaps there is information I don¡¯t have but it seems to me that a biography written by the brother would be a very different book from a very different perspective than one written by an outsider and so there would be room for the creation of both of them.

I know when I am really interested in someone or something, I like to get my hands on as
many resources as possible to get information from a variety of points of view. So I don¡¯t see that it needs to be an either/or situation.

But, as I said, perhaps there is something I don¡¯t know that you do. We can talk about it more. Tom Snyder seems like a really nice guy also. It seems he is supportive of you and he definitely played an important part in connecting you with Heather and that is important and not to be ignored.

I¯m excited too. Maybe not as excited as you and Heather, but pretty excited. I do look forward to seeing you again. I¯m happy this is all out in the open now. It kind of lifts a weight off me that I wasn¯t really aware of but can notice now how much better it feels that you
know about your daughter.

Love and blessings! Patrice

In August of this year, Delpiano again began impersonating Bob Weir.
One of the individuals he bilked, Ken Whitaker, admittedly not a
Deadhead, recalled the experience: “He seemed to know everything
about the Grateful Dead. He told stories for hours and he played the
harmonica extremely well. We didn’t know then that the real Bob Weir
doesn’t play harmonica. He said he was being hounded by the press
over the death of their keyboard player Brent Mydland.” Oakland
police spokesman Sgt. Stanley Bicker was very familiar with
Delpiano’s scam. “Side by side, they don’t look alike, but in their
photos and from a distance, they do,” he said of Weir and Delpiano,
adding, “The really committed Grateful Dead fan knows that Mr.
Delpiano is not Bob Weir.” For the two weeks he stayed in Walnut
Creek, Delpiano made such a splash with the locals that they bought
him dinners and provided sexual favors, and he obliged them by
signing autographs. His scam ended when a friend of Whitaker’s, a
Deadhead, exposed Delpiano as an imposter. Delpiano was ultimately
arrested for failing to report to his parole officer and was
remanded to the state prison to serve out the rest of his five-year

There was also another one:

A second Bob Weir impersonator was recently nabbed in Oakland.
This “version” of Weir had his act down so well that he’d been
receiving free dinners at Trader Vic’s, the popular Bay Area
restaurant. As if that was not enough, a 20-year old San Francisco
man was jailed and arrested for residential burglary after police
discovered he’d spent the night of January 3 in Weir’s Mill Valley
home while Bob was in Hawaii for a well-deserved rest following the
New Year’s shows. It had all started innocently enough the night
before when the police, on a routine check, found a car in Bob’s
driveway with a set of keys in the ignition. The police took the
keys to prevent a possible car theft, leaving a note saying the keys
could be picked up at the police station, unaware that the
perpetrator was hiding out in the house. The next morning the police
received a call saying that a man at Weir’s house wanted the keys
back; when Weir confirmed that the man had been harassing him by
phone and that he was not a personal friend, he was arrested,
allegedly for taking a calendar from Bob’s recording studio.

Several years before he started impersonating Bobby, he was a leech
in the Dead scene. He had a huge tape collection and would get
people to give him boxes full of blank tapes, pretending he was
going to fill them with rare gems. I knew people who got scammed
this way. That’s why we took keen notice of reports that he had
moved on to a whole new level of scamming. Amazing that he kept
impersonating Bobby even after being busted for it!

Sent: March 13, 2001 3:48:17 AM GMT
Subject: Heather

I was noticing that for so long I have thought of Heather as just
mine. Although, I also realize that ultimately she does not belong
me and is
her own person. I have been her only parent ever since she came into
being. Now, connecting with you has begun the opening of another
whole part of herself
that was just aching to be born. Seeing this open up with the
of that part of her that is her father is really very extraordinary.
It¡¯s almost as
if I am seeing her as a different person or that another aspect that
has been dark and unknown is lightening and opening so she can be
more in her
fullness. Does this make sense?

Anyway, I realize that she is not just mine. She chose to come in
through both of us and your family and all the richness it carries
with it is part of her also. Until now, it has not been fully
available to her, it has been a mystery and unknown to her. Now she
can truly blossom and the time is right. She really needs the energy
of a father. So for one who hasn¡¯t experienced himself as a father
before this must be
pretty amazing as it is for Heather who hasn¡¯t experienced herself
the daughter of a father before. I¡¯m so glad we found you!

Love, Patrice

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