Lily-Rose Heather

Dear Heather;
I just talked to my aunt Lillian on the phone and she told me you were going to name my grandchild “Lilly Rose”. I asked her who she heard that from, and she said Vicki “of course”.
In your e-mail you say I am going to have a “grandson” Did you have a test to determine the sex of this un-born child? If so, then you must have come up with “Lilly Rose” before the test, and thus Vicki and Lillian knew I was going to be a grandfather months before I did. Lillian says she was flattered you were going to name this child after her, and then added she had never met you. Is this true?
Why are you doing this? Why are you betraying your father? What is it you think I have done to you that you feel justified – to not only ostracize me from your family –  but my family? Who are you doing this for, yourself, or your mother? What is it I did to your mother where I deserve this insult and humiliation? Do realize how powerless this renders me in my family dynamics,? Your mother does – for sure!
Your mother has been using you to get near a famous dead artist, and thus get power for her. Your mother used you from the day you were born to hold power over her abusive husband she returned to – because she wanted to go back to him. She never told me she was pregnant, or the child she born was mine. She wrote in a e-mail she knew your were my child the day you were born. Not able to admit that she put you in arms of a violent convicted criminal who spent time in San Quinton, and that she made a mistake, she holds a secret tribunal with members of my family, and outsiders, in order to convict me of telling lies about Shamus. Shamus is a fucking liar! He took my sister from me, my daughter from me, and now my grandchild – with the help of your mother! They have turned you into my Mordred, a evil child who has no heart about destroying her father. Your mother, and my family, have turned you into the monster they are.
To go around any father to attache yourself to that man’s family, is as vicious and parasitical an attachment I have ever heard of.
Lillian also told me Sandra Faulkner did not interview Christine before she died, and snubbled Lillian at a gallery reception when Stacey took over. Stacey lied to the world when she anounced on Drew’s webpage that Christine chose Faulkner to write her biography, she seeing her photograph in ‘Love Match’. I am contacting Right-wing polititicans who will be pleased to learn of this fraud around this novel, a lesbian novel, especially when they get YOU on the witness stand to hear exactly what Ms, Pierrot has been telling you – and your mother – who will not get away with this evil transferance. Are you a good liar too, or just a good actress?
To use an un-born child to empower yourself an your mother is as low as you can go as a woman. I will not rest until I expose your mother’s abuse which is the same as Rosemary’s abuse. This abuse of living ficariously through your children, and un-born children is the topic of Alice Miller’s ‘Drama of the Gifted Child’. Read it and free yourself of these parasites.
I am sending a copy of this to Shannon, who is going to make sure all the parasties are shooed off the corpse of her mother – like flies!

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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  1. Reblogged this on Rosamond Press and commented:

    I just restored ten of my posts that exposed the treachery of my daughter, Heather Hanson – who appears to have turned her life around. However, she has to believe she gets her sprituality from her mother and dead grandmother. She has to believe I am insane – and wortjless. Until she send me a two page apology, she is cut off from The True Source!

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