The Deed at the Gate

Once again I come back to John the Baptist again as the author of Revelations. His father served in the temple and had access to ancient scrolls, and other priests, who could have taught and guided their prodige. That Jesus has his disciple got tell John he restored the Jubilee, while he was about to die, is a TELL, that says John the Baptist restored the Jubilee, and the Calendar of God, with the help of his father, and the Essene Order.

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Lorri is being a help. She misunderstood and suggested I go to the library. I have been there. Now, in theory, I stand before the Greek Gate on the grounds that were bought by the Bohemian Barrel Company LLC. I want to see The Deed. It had to have been filed with the City of San Francisco. I deserve to know who owns this façade. The opinions of the Common Citizen were solicited. There was a call for artists and murals. We artists and writers are not pretty tinsil and balls to be hung on anyone’s tree, not as an afterthought, but, as some kind of Neon Real-Estate Ad. Historians worked on this project that Lorri told me is in boxes. The CBC tapped into me and my family history.

“What is in a name?”

I am kin to Shakespeare! I want to see the Deed!

Brotherhood of the Swan

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