Jesus Born In A Trojan Labyrinth

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This is why I refused to obey the commands of Belle Burch and her friends who were trying to hijack my novel ‘Capturing Beauty’. The alleged heir to Herbert Armstrong’s teaching traced the Trojan linage to the Frisians, and the Dukes of Brabant. I concur. This is why I have been so interested in Lara Roozemont.

I have concluded that King Solomon was King Priam, and David, Paris, who captured Belle Bathsheba.

I offered The Rose to Rena and Belle, and they betrayed me. Below is a post I made just after Belle agreed to come model for me. She asked for me to set the time. Then, I found out who her compatriots are – Anarchists! The Mayor of Portland has asked the masked ones, and the armed ones not to come to his city and devastate it with acts of violence.

In our last telephone conversation. Belle…

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