I Am Not A Three Percenter

“Under the wide and starry sky
Dig the grave and let me lie.
Glad did I live and gladly die,
And I laid me down with a will.

This be the verse you grave for me;
“Here he lies where he longed to be,
Home is the sailor, home from sea,
And the hunter home from the hill.”

I am thinking of declaring myself the Three Percenter Representative of Lane County.  I do so because I can according to the rules, and, I do so because I believe our Democracy has failed due to U.S. Citizens subverting my Nation because they hated the election of a black man – President of the United States. This is contrary to the statement made by 3Centers. I want to give a c0ntrary opinion.


This ongoing hatred encouraged President Trump to invite a foreign power to help him get elected. To seal the deal with Putin and Russia, Trump offered to hand over an American Citizen to Putin for trial in a foreign land. Yesterday, Trump bid a foreign leader to punish two elected Congresswomen by banning them from his nation, that also claims it is a Democracy. I sincerely doubt it.

Most Christians know the story of Barabas. When the Jews were given a choice of freeing Barabas, or Jesus, they chose Barabas. The Jews could have saved the life of their Messisah, but did not. However, this outrage turned out good – because Jesus was supposed to die for our sins. Ah-hah! We are now without sin, and, our hatred of Jews has changed recently, thanks to the teaching of John Darby, who taught that evangelicals need the Jews to save them during the End Time Tribulation. Wow! Why do we need a secular government to make – anything right!

Look how powerful Christians have made the Jews – and they hate Jesus. They spit on Christians in the Holy Land because they understand they are just pawns in the crazy games Christians play. Then these nuts claim they fouded this Democray, and their games got even more convoluted – and insane! Then they took over the Repblican Party and founded the Tea Party to help sort it all out!

“Putin. If youre listening………”

Nietzches said; ‘There was only one true Christian –  and the crucified him!” Jesus taught acceptance of new religious ideas and teaching – that Saul hated! St.Paul hunted down members of Jesus’ church, and tortured them to their death – with the approval of Jewish leaders. These are fellow Jews, like the Jews who cried “Give us Barabas!”  Had they changed their minds via religious persuasion? Where is religious tolerance in this marass? Well, as of yesterday, Chritiandom, and Judaism – is still wating for that idea to come!

POTUS believes he has acquired the Wisdom of Solomon since he took office. His religious handlers have convinced him he is King David and the Messiah of the Jews. To fulfil the religious expectations of his followers, our National Wise Man held up two American women who were elected to serve their Country.

“Who shall I spare, these two socialist democrat Islamic haters of Jews, or, Benjamin Netanyahu, who is in danger of not being elected due to the evil Socialist Liberal Jews that dwell in Jesus Land? I hope you make the right choice – and vote for me!”

This is an outrageous Campaign Stunt that Trump pressured a foreign leader to get involved in. This is proof to me, Trump will employ any foreign power to get himself, and his ilk, back in the White House. There is no greater insult to the American People, and the Jewish People, that says WE CAN BE TRICKED! WE MUST BE DECIEVED! WE CAN NOT BE TRUSTUED TO MAKE THE RIGHT DEMOCRATIC CHOICE.

When I began to look at my family tree back in 1999, I was dismayed to learn about my Rosamond People on my mother’s side. They owned plantations down in South Carolnia, and they owned human beings. What was truly shocking, was reading the Will of Captain Samuel Rosamond (Roseman) who fought alongside The Swamp Fox – as a Patriot! He left human beings to his children, who now owned their father’s slaves. I still have trouble grasping this – and owning it! I have put myself in Rosamond’s death bed doing an inventory;

“Hmm! Let me see. What son of mine has been most loyal to me? Which one would be most grateful to be a slave owner? I want a worthy Heir!””

This is – BIBLICAL! This is no convoluted bullshit practiced by a bunch of beer-drunk Bubbas at the NASCAR track. My sister, Christine Rosamond Presco, married Garth Benton, thus John Fremont who married Jessie Benton, is in our family tree. John was the first to Emancipate slaves, and ran for President as the first Republican candidate. He prepared the way for Lincoln! Most of the world’s history is wrapped up in the last paragraphs. How do we humans do it? We fight hard to take slaves. Then we fight even harder  to free them!


And look at this guy! John ‘The Highwayman’ Rosamond. John was a convicted criminal and was sold into slavery and – sent to the British Colony!

I was a highwayman
Along the coach roads I did ride
With sword and pistol by my side
Many a young maid lost her baubles to my trade
Many a soldier shed his lifeblood on my blade
The bastards hung me in the spring of twenty-five
But I am still alive

“In 1717 Parliament passed an act empowering courts to sentence offenders directly to transportation. Persons convicted of clergyable felonies or petty larceny could now be sent to American plantations for seven years instead of being whipped or burnt on the hand. This meant that a large portion of England’s offenders were eligible to be shipped abroad and sold as servants for seven-year terms. Felons convicted of capital crimes could, with royal consent, be commuted to a term of fourteen years’ transportation or, in some cases, life. Anyone who returned before her or his term expired or who helped a convict to escape was liable to be hanged.

Jonathan Forward, a young London merchant with extensive contacts in Maryland, obtained a lucrative subsidy of three pounds for every Newgate felon and five pounds for every convict taken from the provinces. In exchange, he agreed to ship any and all criminals sentenced to transportation, and to pay all costs, including gaol fees, for their conveyance. Forward was experienced in the African slave trade and had recently shipped two vessels with 171 convicts to Maryland. Operating out of his Cheapside house on Fenchurch Street, London, he collaborated with Jonathan Wild, who helped to provide “felons” for shipment abroad.”


When the Rosamond family lost their plantations in Mississippi, in the town Oprah Winfrey was born, they got in covered wagons and moved to Texas. I assume they were not happy about how things turned out DUE TO A DEMOCRATIC VOTE. We the People of the United States of America had abolished slavery. I have to look to see if any Rosamond family member wore the uniform of the Confederacy. I know our cousins, the Hodges took up arms against the Union.

Grandma Canzada killed wild turkey, and William Rosamond, climbing in a tree to get a good shot at a Couger – with the last bullet. Did they eat the meat? There was no welfare office close by, or laundrymat. A million Survivalists with guns got the same bad idea, that they will go into the woods when the End Time comes, and shoot game – till kingdom come! How much game is left in the woods? Their End Time ministers teach them to Hate Liberal Ecologists. How smart it that?

Sometimes you got to live with the bad choices others make – even at the polls! Get it? This is why the Story of the Rosamond Family is so vital to the Story of America. Most of the time you got to take responbility for the bad choices – you make! You got to to put down your holy voo-doo dolls – and buck up! You steal some shoes, and you are put on a ship sailing for America – wearing chains! Seventy percent of the first white men in America came here as indentured slaves! Today, because of voting booths, you can’t leave black folks to your kindred anymore. You no longer have a choice.

I have been in touch with the University of Arkansas about leaving them my grandfather’s books when I die. I was told by the head libraian there is a great interest in these kind of books, due to the New Back to the Earth Movement. I suspect there are a lot of End Timers who want to emerge from their Doomsday Bunkers, and start America – all over again! Well, you’re reading a part of the real blueprint.

There are enough haters and killers in the world, and almost all of them carry, or, own a gun! Grandma Rosamond was glad her husband, the Sheriff, did not live long enough to see Yates blow her arm off with a shotgun! Or did he? Sometimes you got to shoot at the real bad guys – with intent to kill. I suspect the Appalachian Hunters killed a lot of Germans during both wars. They were crack shots. They were Scots-Irish for the most part, and they did most of the figihting and killing in our War of Indipedance. What you don’t read about, is the hatred the Colonists had for the British, because when you are a winner, you don’t have to stir up anymore hatred. You can show respect for your enemy!

What the two leaders of two democracies did to two U.S. Citizens, is accuse them of being HATERS. Did a judge rule this was the case? How many REAL HATERS have stood trial FOR REALLY HATING? What is so impossible here, is, that President Benjamin Nentanyahu, and President Donald Trump – DON’T BELIEVE THESE WOMEN ARE HATERS! They only prentended they were haters – to garnish votes! Outrageous!

This is a great insult for both the Citizens of Israel and the United States, because we spend hundreds of hours tying to locate THE REAL ISSUES under a mound of UTTER BULSHIT so we can vote our conscience, and feel good about ourselves and THE CHOCES WE MADE! This does not feel good at all. And the people of the world are just beginning to fathom why. The story of Ann Frank comes to mind and the arbitrary punishment of the Dutch People – who Hitler could not trust to swallow all of his Master Plan. Did the Dutch have their hunting rifles confiscated?


Of all the WW2 footage I have seen, the look on the faces of American Soldiers liberating the Dutch people, stands out. These are white people starving to death. Some of these Liberators were Mountain Men who owned Coon Dogs and Blue Ticks, thus they rarely came home empty handed. These Scot-Irish had to accept the truth the Nazis were white, and, white people can do horrific things to other white folk.

My vision for the first Three Percenter Gathering in Lane County will take place in Wayne Morse Square. Basically it will be a gathering of Cat Lovers. You can bring your cat, or, pictures of a cat you lost, and you would be wanting to share your grief. You can share pictures of the gun/guns you own. No dogs – yet!

But, what we will be sharing, the most, is God and Jesus’ foremost commandment.

“Love one another!”

Even “Love thy enemy as thyself.”

I will bring a photo of Omar, and ask;

“Whom among you hate this Congressperson?”

We the People gave our President the Right to Pardon convicted prisoners who were tried by their peers. We the People did not give our President the right to condemn any citizen without a trial. Our President is not calm under fire. In a political panic he throws two women to the dogs.

I would never go hunting with this hateful man, or climb a tree to shoot a panther we chased we chased out on a limb. I DO NOT TRUST HIM! He might turn his gun on me, after mistaking me as game, or…………The Enemy of Israel. How about, the hater of Putin, and a member of the Free Press? This crazy man doesn’t know who his enemy is!

The Don might be the first President who does not own a dog – or a cat! Why? A pet might take away some of the attention this oppressive person is addicted to. This is a bad sign. For, there is one thing you can learn from your good dog – loyalty! Our President knows nothing about loyalty. He held up two loyal citizens of the United States – and stabbed them in the back for the amusement of a foreign leader. Then these two claim they are loyal to one another! Bullshit!

What really gets ne, Trump did this evil thing in order to keep the loyalty of a millions of Christians! Why does Trump believe they are loyal to him? Hardly a one has used the Voice this Democracy gave to all it’s citizens – to say they had enough! Of course he is going to betray again! He’s a Serial Liar and Betrayer! What does any good Christian see in him? Why is he – their messenger!

“Give us Barabbas!”

Israel’s interior minister tore into U.S. Rep. Rashida Tlaib on Friday for abruptly canceling plans to visit family in the West Bank after the government granted permission for the trip in a bid to smooth over a diplomatic firestorm.

“Apparently her hate for Israel overcomes her love for her grandmother,” Aryeh Deri tweeted.


What a cowardly thing to say! But, using the word “coward” is too good for men like this because it denotes you are a warrior who lost his courage. This is slimily politician is made in Israel, where much Biblical history was made. Shortly after you get into Genesis – it begins – the holy knife fight! If the shoe fits, wear it. Check these holy loons out, who can be accused of loving Israel, or God, or whatever – too much! Boy, would these righteous ones like to get their Man Saliva on Omar!

Wake up folks! Surely Jesus, and God, gave numerous lessons on how to be loyal, why be loyal, and to whom! Running around like a chicken with your head cut off, holding up one alleged enemy after another, will not do. At my Three Percenter meetings we will discuss LOYALTY. Our guns will be silent. Guns are loyal to all, and no one. Did Jesus ever say;

‘Be loyal to your country!”?

Nay, after going where no man has gone, before, unarmed into the far horizon, he said this, and as yet there were not a billion people to believe him……

“I have overcome the world!”

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

Three Percenter of Lane County

33 “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

John 16:33


Following a public spat with President Donald Trump, Nan Whaley was assigned a security detail for just the third time while serving as Dayton’s mayor.

The Moonshiner Murders

Above is a picture of Yates Standridge. He was one bad man. He killed Sam Rosamond’s father, and blew his wife’s arm off with a shotgun. Look at the size of his hands. You don’t want them lethal weapons clamped on your neck like an old greasy vice in a machine shop. He killed a man in jail. He escaped from jail. The Rosamond boys tried to bushwhack him, but shot the wrong man. Some fled to the oil fields of Oklahoma. Did they eventually…..get their man?


It was extremely dangerous to go after this man they called ‘The Wolf’, and you did not want him on your trail. If you saw him coming, you slunk away, hid in any shadow that would have you. He was no joke, no Hee-Haw Clown in some Jesus-Freak Carney Show. He was the real deal, the reason Vernon Rosamond preached to the good citizenry, while Velma played the organ. You better believe there is a Devil.

The Rosamond Family of Texas

A branch of the Rosamond family came to Texas in covered wagons and settled in Weldon. They were the Real McCoys who will go down in history because of Sweeny’s aliance with Rick Perry, a fake cowboy and patriot. The Hodges family alsocame to Texas.Jon Presco

William A. Rosamond and his wife Canzada (Coleman) Rosamond and their six sons and other members of the Rosamond Family came from Kosciusko, Mississippi, where his parents owned a plantation on Big Black River. They came here in covered wagons in 1866 and experienced all the hardships on the way – wild animals and other threats to their lives.

They first settled for a short time in White Rock Creek where they were near water. Next they moved to Houston County. W.A. Rosamond, my grandpa, owned a gin and also a grist mill. And, was a farmer here in Weldon, Texas near the ole Huntsville and Crockett road. On this road was a stage stop, a short distance from their place. They had to hunt for their meat and other food. (Weldon?) was not a very clear settlement.

Canzada, my grandma, was a good hunter. She would go out and kill wild turkeys and other wild animals for their food – wild hogs. (She) cured meat by smoking it a long time. (They) had to make their lye soap as they saved grease. Their wash days were not easy – had to go to a tank & wash, boil (their clothes) in a black wash pot. Then had to Battle their clothes to dry them – beat them with a paddle.

William A. Rosamond (my grandpa) told of a hunt he was on – it was nite time. He and a friend had one shell left. They saw something so they climbed a tree. They saw two eyes shining so they used their last shell, didn’t know if they killed the animal or not because they could still see two eyes shining. But, when it got (to be) daylight, they could see a panther and it was dead.

W.A. Rosamond (my grandpa) found a baby girl in the mill hopper when he went to work one morning. This was in the late 1800s. They raised the baby.

One place they owned here (Weldon), Canzada planted some pecan trees. They are over a hundred years old – still bearing pecans.


The History of Lurton

Above are the four books I own written by my grandfather, Frank (Royal) Rosamond. On page 71 of ‘Ozark Moonshiners’ Frank says he moved to Lurton, or Moore. It is not clear, because this move may have never happened. Franks says he got arrested for moonshining and was sent to the State Penitentiary, where he did not stay long. He had moved into a house that may have been owned by Sam Rosamond, who was secretly making moonshine in the secret cellar of said house.

“He bought a rifle and a neighbor gave him an old squirel dog.”

Here is a hunter with a Blue Tick Coonhound.


Above is my grandfather, born Frank Wesely Rosamond, who adopted the pen names, Royal Rosamond, and Roy Reuben Rosamond. I will be adding to this page over a period of time. So, check back. Above is Royal reading his newspaper/magazine ‘Bright Stories’. If anyone has seen a copy, let me know. All Royal’s books are self-published by ‘Gem Publishing’. Below are letters exchanged between, Royal, and his friend Otto Rayburn.


I owe a debt of gratitude to Jimmy Rosamond who has encouraged amateur authors to put down their genealogical tales, that are eloquent, and to the point. The University of Arkansas want these letters from men who blazed a very old trail, and put the Ozarks on the literary map. Then, there are the Country Churches. These folks did not own much. But they agreed they can afford to own The Word of God. This is the value that made America Great, and a Land of Equality.


The Rosamond family owned and ran Lurton’s saw mill, thus it is safe to say all the first buildings were built with Rosamond lumber. Drussilla Pierpoint appears to be the daughter of Sir Isaac Hull, the Captain of the U.S.S. Constitution. Frank signs his letters ‘Frank Rose’. His mother was Ida Louisiana Rose, and his father was William Rosamond. There is a genealogy for Ida Rose below, and a page from Moonshiners where Rosemary appears. Is this my mother?

Frank is estranged from his wife, Mary Magdalene Rosamond, and their four beautiful daughters, June, Bonnie, Rosemary, and Lillian. I am deciphering historic-fiction. I never met Frank who has a deeply sad ending to his life. The price writers pay for their art, can be rejection and utter isolation. Even folks telling a simple family tale, orally, can come down on the wrong side of a Family Feud. Is there ever is a right side? After his mother Ida Rose died, Frank was “bound” out to his uncle, James Taylor, who married, Laura Rosamond, Ida’s sister. At twelve, he worked as hard as a slave, thus the title of one of his books ‘Bound In The Clay’. He took up writing to better himself, a Great undertaking.


What is truly astounding (to me) is the mention of ‘The Decameron’ on page 88 of Moonshiners. I am going to save this for my book, for it is the hinge pin that opens the door to the Visual Arts – and so much more! In 1967 I declared myself a New Pre-Raphaelite and shared these male and female artists with Christine Rosamond, whose ‘Story Teller’ series resembles Waterhouse’s painting ‘The Decameron’. Did Christine see this Pre-Raphaelite painting? This connection puts to rest our family feud, being, I was Rosamond’s Mentor who was inspired by Royal. There exist so many creative ways to go with this, such as a Ozark Romeo and Juliette, as well as a Ozark Tale of Lancelot and Guinevere. I am talking about a play, or musical. We got one of the greatest villains of all time, whose phantom can come and go on so many stages.

That Frank’s granddaughter, Christine Rosamond Benton, walked on to the stage of Art, and became one of the most successful female artists in history, is a testimony to Royal’s belief, there is art in that name ‘Rose of the World’. Here is my niece, Drew Benton’s kin engaged in creating a family legacy. Thomas Hart Benton and his family were friends of Otto Rayburn and Vance Randolph. Thomas illustrated Steinbeck’s ‘Grapes of Wrath’.


In the late summer of 1939, Benton took his son Thomas Piacenza (T. P.) to Arkansas for two short vacations. The pair spent time floating and fishing the White and Buffalo rivers. Benton also sketched and painted the scenery there, resulting in the lithograph Down The River, which featured his son. Another product of these trips was a painting and lithograph of a White River scene, Shallow Creek.

Benton returned in the spring of 1940 with a group of his advanced students from KCAI. They spent about ten days sketching and painting in Newton County, near Jasper. The following year, Benton returned with yet another group of students.

It was about this time that Benton became acquainted with various Arkansas artists and writers. He met poet John Gould Fletcher, who introduced Benton to the artist Adrian Brewer in 1938. Benton knew artists Louis and Elsie Freund and was a periodic visitor at their home in Eureka Springs (Carroll County). He also knew Ozark writer Vance Randolph and illustrated some of his work.

Otto Rayburn and Vance Randolp


Fred Rosamond owned lot 4,5,6,7,and 8 on Jefferson St. Road in block No.1

Royal’s uncle was Nonimus Rosamond, who got murdered by Yates Standridge.

Jon Presco

William Thomas Rosamond

Birthdate: circa 1860
Birthplace: Mississippi
Death: (Date and location unknown)
Immediate Family: Son of Samuel Rosamond and Frances C. Morrison
Husband of Mildred A. Rosamond and Ida Rose
Father of <private> Rosamond; <private> Rosamond and Frank Wesley “Royal” Rosamond
Brother of Laura Rosamond; Benjamin F. Rosamond; John J. Rosamond; Nonimus Nathaniel Rosamond and Frances J. Rosamond


“When the old school house became too dilapidated for holding church services, the local citizens banned together and built a new church house. Their inspiration derived from the Bible Scripture of Haggi 1: 8-“Go up to the mountains, and bring wood, and build the house; and I will take pleasure in it, and I will be glorified, saith the Lord.”

Walter and Mima Light donated land for the church site, which is just west of the present Community Center, while local people donated labor and material. The result of the community effort was a beautiful white Church House which opened it’s doors to welcome one and all to worship services. This friendly neighborhood Church House was dedicated April 17, 1954. Church services were held in the building for the next few years, but with families moving, different ministers coming and going, a state of apathy developed in the community. The Church House finally closed it’s doors for a few years. It has recently been renovated and reopened by Vernon and Velma Awbrey Rosamond, after returning to their native area. The church is Pastored by Vernon Rosamond, grandson of Nonimus and Rosa Rosamond, son of Ed and Dullie Woodard Rosamond. Velma plays the piano for the services and teaches Sunday School classes; she is the daughter of Johnny and Mary G. (Gertie) Ray Awbrey.

Born in the Wilderness

The United States of America was born in the wilderness with the help of Francis Salvador a Sephardic Jew who claim they are kin to the House of David, and thus, they are born to rule the coming Kingdom of God?There is a good chance Francis Salvador was killed by the same Cherokee Indians that attacked the home of John Hodges while he was off fighting the British in the Revolutionary War. Salvador rode off to warn his fellow Patriots of the Native American uprising. Dorothy Hodges was taken hostage by a chief, and born him a son in the wilderness. Dorothy Hodges may be my great, great, grandmother, she allegedly married James Rosamond. Her seventeen year od son went back into the wilderness to live with his father.

At least five members of the Hodge family fought under Captain Samuel Rosamond who was a scout for the Francis Marion ‘The Swamp Fox’. Captain Gavin Witherspoon fought for Marion. According to the Tea Party, and their Evangelical allies, the folks above are the First Sons of God and the founders of the End Time prophecy that was invented in 1840 in Ireland that requires the rise of a New Zion. However, Francis Salvador is the founder of Reform Judaism in the New World where an oath was taken to never desire a return to Zion – ever again!

Being king to King David, and thus Jesus, Francis Salvador was one of the first Jews to hold public office before 1776, before we became a nation. Francis did not live long enough to see the Glorious Day when the New Zion in South Carolina won its Freedom from a foreign king. To show their gratitude to King David’s kindred, the Patriots of South Carolina made a law forbidding Jews to hold office. It is for this reason I have opposed the involvement of evangelicals in politics, because religious historians are worse liars then secular historians, because they will bend light around a corner to make their so called prophecies – work! And when that doesn’t work, they will conjure up another lie and make it the law of the land -for non-beleivers to follow! This is madness!

I have come to save my Country from the Liars of John Darby, and from the Jews in Israel who encourage these liars after they give them big bags of silver!

Oh Israel! Let my people go!

Jon Presco

Copyright 2011.


“Dorothy (Hodges) being a young, tall, attractive woman was taken by an Indian Chief before the cabin was torched. She was gone for ten years. When she returned she brought her Indian son with her.”
With warfare all around them, the Rosamond and Hodge family conducted weddings, and from their unions sprang a Nation.
Samuel Rosamond
Place of Burial: Williamston, SC
Birth: circa 1751
Augusta County, Virginia
Death: August 11, 1814 (63)
Anderson District, SC
John Hodges Rosamond
Birth: September 16, 1789
Abbeville District, SC
Death: May 5, 1859 (69)
South Carolina
Elizabeth Rosamond
Birth: circa 1786
Abbeville District, SC
Most of the information about John Hodges comes from his Revolutionary War application, W10117.
John Hodges was born in 1765 in Essex Co., Virginia. He is probably the son of John Hodges of Culpeper, VA, born about 1725, and wife Elizabeth.
Apparently sometime before the Revolution, the John Hodges family moved to SC. At the age of 15, on April 1, 1780, John Hodges joined the military as a private and served about 21 months. He was widely known as “Major” John Hodges later in life, perhaps from a position in the state militia.
His Revolutionary War pension application contains the following, summarized in Annie Walker Burns’ Revolutionary War Soldiers and Other Patriotic Records of Abbeville, County, SC (Washington, DC), pp. 17-18:
John Hodges, a resident of Abbeville District, S.C., age 67, states he entered service April 1, 1780 under command of Capt Samuel Rosamund, who commanded a beat or militia company in Ninety Six Direct, now Abbeville, S.C., and was marched t…
A family legend is that the father of John Hodges was a Revolutionary soldier and while at home on furlough, his cabin was attacked by Indians, and he was killed. The legend continued that the Indians captured four Hodges daughters,
bound them securely and put them inside the cabin which they prepared to burn.
However, an Indian warrior was reported attracted to one daughter, Dorothy, released her and took her with him, while the others perished in the flames.
(Another version has it that the mother and two daughters died in the fire.)
Many years later, Dorothy Hodges and her Indian son returned for a visit on her promise, the story went, that she would return to her Indian husband in Alabama territory. She yielded to pleadings of relatives to remain and eventually
married [ ] Rosamond. Her son attended the neighborhood school, but in his late teens went back to his father and was never heard from. Mr. and Mrs. Rosamond had children, lived for a time in Pickens, then went West, and South Carolina
kin lost contact with them.
With warfare all around them, the Rosamond and Hodge family conducted weddings, and from their unions sprang a Nation. The city of Hodges South Carolina was built on what was called
“the Jews land”. Then Dorothy Hodges was taken away by an Indian chief, and a child was born in the wilderness.
“The story of Dorothy being taken by Indians was so interesting, with the loss of her father and four younger sisters and all, that everybody told it faithfully. At least according to my grandfather who got it from his father and
compared it to other related Hodges family’s traditions in the1930s. It was his contention that the story was true because he had letters from six different families in six different locations. Each family gave the same basic story.
Dorothy being a young, tall, attractive woman was taken by an Indian Chief before the cabin was torched. She was gone for ten years. When she returned she brought her Indian son with her. He was nine when he arrived. The family talked
Dorothy into staying with them. They clothed, and educated, her son in the ways of his mother. They were shocked, and unbelieving when he told them he was going back to his father.Some of them thought it was rude and disrespectful for him to leave and they couldn’t understand why he would rather live with a bunch of savages.
The boy was seventeen when he left. Dorothy stayed with her family and married the widowed brother of Sarah Rosamond. They had a family of their own. The story ends with “They had a family of their own.”John M. Robinson put Dorothy in the
record as having been captured by Indians about 1781, he showed one son, no name, from the Chief. Then he shows a second husband as — Rosamond. I don’t know where he got his information. I believe it was from a tribute for General
George Washington Hodges, from two books; “Moragnes in America and Related Families” by Nell H. Howard and Bessie W. Quinn, and “Greenwood County Sketches” by Margaret Watson.

Francis Salvador

When we think of Jewish heroes of the American Revolution, Haym Salomon, the “financier” of the patriot cause or Isaac Franks, aide-de-camp to General George Washington, are the first names that come to mind. Rarely do we hear of South Carolina’s Francis Salvador, the first identified Jew to be elected to an American colonial legislature, the only Jew to serve in a revolutionary colonial congress and the first Jew to die for the cause of American liberty.
Francis Salvador was born in London in 1747, the fourth generation of Salvadors to live in England. His great grandfather Joseph, a merchant, established himself as a leader of England’s Sephardic community and became the first Jewish director of the East India Company. When George III ascended the British throne, Joseph Salvador arranged an audience for the seven-man delegation that officially congratulated the king on behalf of the Jewish community.
Even before Francis Salvador’s birth, his family developed interests in America. Salvador’s grandfather teamed with two other leaders of the London Jewish community to raise funds to send some of London’s destitute Jews to the new British colony in Savannah, Georgia. The Georgia trustees subsequently voted to ban Jewish immigration to Georgia but not before grandfather Salvador and his two associates had landed forty-two Jewish settlers in Savannah in July, 1733. When the founder of the colony, James Oglethorpe, intervened on behalf of the Jews, the trustees decided to let them stay. The Salvador family then purchased personal land holdings in South Carolina.
As a young man, Francis Salvador was raised in luxury in London. He was well educated by private tutors and traveled extensively. At age twenty, he married his first cousin, Sarah, and took his place in the family shipping firm. The devastating effects of a 1755 earthquake in Lisbon, where the family had extensive interests, weakened the family fortune. The failure of the East India Company completed its ruin. By the early 1770’s, virtually the only thing left of the Salvador family’s immense wealth was the large plot of land they had purchased in the South Carolina colony.
In 1773, in an attempt to rebuild the family fortune, Francis Salvador moved to South Carolina. Intending to send for his wife Sarah and their children when he had prepared a proper home for them, Salvador arrived in Charleston in December and established himself as a planter on a seven thousand acre tract he acquired from his uncle. Salvador found himself drawn to the growing American movement against British rule and unhesitatingly threw himself into the patriot cause. Within a year of his arrival, at the age of 27, Salvador was elected to the General Assembly of South Carolina. He became the first Jew to hold that high an elective office in the English colonies. He would hold the post until his sudden death.
In 1774, Francis Salvador was elected as a delegate to South Carolina’s revolutionary Provincial Congress, which assembled in Charleston in January 1775. The Provincial Congress framed a bill of rights and prepared an address to the royal governor of South Carolina setting forth the colonists’ grievances against the British crown. Salvador played an important role in the South Carolina Provincial Congress, which appointed him to a commission to negotiate with Tories living in the northern and western parts of the colony to secure their promise not to actively aid the royal government.
When the second Provincial Congress assembled in November 1775, Salvador urged that body to instruct the South Carolina delegation in Philadelphia to vote for American independence. Salvador played a leading role in the Provincial Congress, chairing its ways and means committee and serving on a select committee authorized to issue bills of credit to pay the militia. Salvador was also part of a special commission established to preserve the peace in the interior parts of South Carolina, where the English Superintendent of Indian Affairs was busily negotiating treaties with the Cherokees to induce the tribe to attack the colonists.
When the Cherokees attacked settlements along the frontier on July 1, 1776, massacring and scalping colonial inhabitants, Salvador, in an act reminiscent of Paul Revere, mounted his horse and galloped nearly thirty miles to give the alarm. He then returned to join the militia in the front lines, defending the settlements under siege. During a Cherokee attack early in the morning of August first, Salvador was shot. He fell into some bushes, where he was subsequently discovered and scalped. Salvador died forty-five minutes later. Major Andrew Williamson, the militia commander, reported of Salvador that, “When I came up to him after dislodging the enemy and speaking to him, he asked whether I had beaten the enemy. I told him ‘Yes.’ He said he was glad of it and shook me by the hand and bade me farewell, and said he would die in a few minutes.”
His friend Henry Laurens reported that Salvador’s death was “universally regretted,” while William Henry Drayton, later Chief Justice of South Carolina, noted that Salvador had “sacrificed his life in the service of his adopted country.” Dead at twenty-nine, never again seeing his wife or children after leaving England, Salvador was the first Jew to die waging the American Revolution. Ironically, because he was fighting on the frontier, he probably did not receive the news that the Continental Congress in Philadelphia had, as he urged, adopted the Declaration of Independence.

Francis Salvador: Forgotten (or Perhaps Never Known) American Hero
Just off of Highway 52 in Charleston, South Carolina rests the beautiful and famous Washington Park. Along with being a popular location for weddings and other social gatherings, Washington Park also serves as the location for several historical monuments, including statues of George Washington, memorials for the southern Confederacy, and plagues dedicated to the memory of local and national heroes.

Amongst these various plagues, tucked away in an obscure corner of the park, resides an obscure memorial to one Francis Salvador:

The plague reads:

Francis Salvador
1747 – 1776
First Jew in South Carolina to hold public office
To Die for American Independence

He came to Charles Town from his native London in 1773 to develop extensive family landholdings in the frontier district of ninety six. As a deputy to the provincial congresses of South Carolina, 1775 and 1776, he served with distinction in the creation of this state and nation, participating as a volunteer in an expedition against Indians and Tories, he was killed from ambush near the Keowee river, August 1, 1776.

Born an aristocrat, he became a democrat, an Englishman, he cast his lot with America.
True to his ancient faith, he gave his life for new hopes of human liberty and understanding.

Erected at the time of the Bicentennial celebration of the Jewish community of Charleston.

Approved by the historical commission of Charleston SC

Interesting Side note: Despite Salvador’s incredible service, the South Carolina Constitution of 1776 prohibited anyone not of the Christian faith from being elected to office. Interesting that the very state, which benefited from Salvador’s impeccable service, would prohibit those of his faith from following in his footsteps.***

• Biography, 1910. 2″In 1734, John, the son of David Witherspoon, emigrated to South Carolina, where he had a grant of twenty-nine miles square from the king. The land was called Williamsburg, in honor of the king, and they founded a town called King’s Tree. He married his cousin, Janet, the aunt of Dr. John Witerspoon, later President of Princeton College and a Signer of the Declaration of Independence.”

Biography, 1910. 2 “Gavin Witherspoon (1748-1834) was Captain in General Francis Marion’s Brigade in the Revolution and was a notable scout of whose bravery many tales are told in Simms’ “Life of Marion.””

During the time General Marion lay at the White marsh,
Capt. Gavin Witherspoon, of Pedee, with three or four men,
were concealing themselves in Pedee swamp: in the night he discovered
a camp of the tories, whom he had reason to think were in pursuit of him,
and watched them till they had all fallen asleep; he proposed to his men
to attack them, but they were fearful of numbers. He then declared he would
take them himself. Creeping up cautiously, he found that they had encamped
at the butt of a pine, blown up by the roots, and that their guns were piled
up against a limb, at the distance of forty or fifty feet from them.
He continued to creep till he got possession of their guns, and then
called to them loudly to surrender. Not knowing his force, they did so,
and Witherspoon’s men came to his assistance and tied them, in number seven.
Gavin, and John Witherspoon, his brother, were two active spirited men
at this period. They succeeded each other as captains
in the neck between Pedee and Lynch’s creek; and at the call of danger
were generally foremost.

Etta WALLACE. Parents: William WALLACE and Mary Ann WITHERSPOON.

Fanny WALLACE. Parents: William WALLACE and Mary Ann WITHERSPOON.

Frances Jane WALLACE was born in 1824 in Kentucy. She died in 1906. She was buried in Forthsyth Cem. Oakland City, Ind. Parents: John WALLACE and Frances TAYLOR.

Hattie WALLACE. Parents: James Henry WALLACE and Mary Jane HODGES.

Henry L. WALLACE was born in 1819 in Kentucy. He died in 1852. He was buried in Forthsyth Cem. Oakland City, Ind. Parents: John WALLACE and Frances TAYLOR.

Issac WALLACE. Parents: William WALLACE and Mary Ann WITHERSPOON.

James WALLACE. Parents: James Henry WALLACE and Mary Jane HODGES.

James Henry WALLACE was born on 25 Nov 1838. He died on 4 Jul 1916. Parents: William WALLACE and Mary Ann WITHERSPOON.
Children were: Martha Alice WALLACE , Amos WALLACE, Hattie WALLACE , Will WALLACE, James WALLACE , Ella WALLACE, Marion WALLACE , Ottis WALLACE, Russel WALLACE , Vernie WALLACE.

One of our current group of researchers located information regarding a John Rosamond that was sent to the colonies as an indentured servant, arriving in Anapolis, Maryland in 1725. His indentured status was due to the fact that he had committed highway robbery in England. Since the penalty for this was death, unless the perpetrator was a minor, it is believed that John/Thomas was probably in his early or mid-teens at the time of commision of his crime. Based on this, I place his birth around the year 1710, which would make him around fifteen years old when he arrived in Maryland.

Based on the ships records which brought him to the US, we now believe that his name was John, and that Thomas was really his father-in-law, Thomas Wilson. John arrived in Annapolis aboard the ship ‘Forward’ in December 1725. He was tried in Berkshire, England, Oxford Circuit Court. The ship was owned by Johathon Forward who was a contractor transporting prisoners for England to their colonies. Ruth Menhel, another of our current researchers, shows him located in Prince George’s County Maryland as a Corporal in some sort of military organization.

John apparently relocated to Virginia where he married Sarah Wilson. Barbara Morgan located ship records showing that Sarah arrived in Virginia with her Mother and sisters in 1740. This could be where WSR erroneously picked up that year for Thomas’ arrival in the colonies. Thomas Wilson was Sarah’s father, and had been in Virginia since 1737. John and Sarah relocated their family to the Abbeville District of South Carolina no later than 1765.

Col. Andrew Pickens, Comdr.
Capt. Andrew Hamilton
Capt. Robert Anderson
Capt. James McCall
Capt. Joseph Pickens
Capt. Thomas Weems
Capt. Levi Casy
Lt. Joseph Calhoun
Lt. Alexander Ramsey
Lt. Samuel Roseman
Lt. Thomas Shanklin
Lt. Joseph Wardlaw
Thomas Langdon, MD
William Anderson
John Bird
Willis Breazeal
William Buchanon
Patrick Cain
Francis Carlisle
William Carruthers
Thomas Cofer
Edward Doyle
Thomas Hamilton
John Harris
William Hutton
Andrew Liddle
John Loard
James Luckie
William Luckie, Jr.
John McAdams
John McAlphin
Joseph McClusky
Elijah Moore
Samuel Moore
Alexander Patterson
Richard Posey
Samuel Reed
William Speer
John Trimble
William Turk

History of the Sephardic Jews

The Origins
Jews settled in the land of Sepharad (or Sefarad), as Spain was called in Hebrew language, very early. It was often claimed that their arrival to Spain happened soon after the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar II conquered Jerusalem and destroyed the Temple in 586 BC. There was a legend among the Sephardim (i.e. the Spanish Jews) that Toletum (Toledo), the capital city of Spain, was founded by Jewish refugees from Jerusalem. A popular etymology explained its name (pronounced by the Jews Tolaitola) to be derived from the Hebrew word “tolatola” exile, or, according to another explanation, from “toledoth” generations. The Sephardim considered this city a second Jerusalem and recreated a virtually new Palestine around it: the towns of Escaluna, Maqueda, Jopez and Azeque were erected in the adjacent lands in memory of the Palestinian Ashkalon, Makedda, Joppa (Yafo) and Azeka; the Ibn-Daud and Abrabanel (Abravanel) families were proud to claim their descendency from the house of king David, the Solomon’s father. Jewish communities were founded also in Carthago Nova (Cartagena), Córdoba, Granada, Saragosse, Taragona and all over the Iberian peninsula.
The Early Christian Period (till A.D. 711)
The Sephardim prospered for centuries under the Roman empire, being preeminent in trade, especially with slaves, crafts and finances. The rise of Christianity in Roman Spain (3rd – 4th c. AD) put their positions at stake. They were blamed for having murdered the Messiah and practicing the mortal sin of usury. The Church Council of Iliberis (Elvira), held in 306, sanctionned for the first time a policy of segregating the Jews from the rest of society. For long time such measures had but a little effect. The situation, however, worsenned dramatically when the Ostrogothic kings of Spain embraced the Catholic faith in the late 6th century. Since then the Jews were put under permanent persecution for practicing their religion and had to face several times the dilemma of either converting to Christianity, or leaving Spain. In such circumstances it is understandable that when the Moors of North Africa crossed the Strait of Gibraltar and invaded the peninsula, the Jews met them like liberators and often opened the towns’ gates to their victorious armies. Later the Christians used to accuse the Sephardim for calling the Moors, but this is to be an exageration.
The Muslim Period (711-1492)
In the first three centuries of the Muslim domination the Jews enjoyed great influence and prosperity. Jews frequently served the government in official capacities and plkayed  an active role in political and financial affairs. Hasdai ibn Shaprut (fl. 915-975) was counsellor to the caliphs of Córdoba, the Ibn Nagrelas were viziers of Granada, the Ibn Ezras, Ibn Megashs, and Ibn Albalias were high officials in Granada and Seville. The Sephardim were also engaged in considerable social and intellectual intercourse with influential circles of the Muslim population. Solomon ibn Gabirol, Moses ibn Ezra, and Judah ha-Levi were but the acknowledged supreme geniuses of a form of expression. The period 1000-1148 disserved to be named the Golden Age of Hebrew literature.
The situation, however, deteriorated again when soon after 1008 the Caliphate of Córdoba disintegrated into a lot of petty statelets (taifas), whih were unable to oppose the pressure of the northern Christian kingdoms. When Toledo fell to the Castilians (1085), the taifa kings had to call the Almoravids, a militarist Moorish sect from Morocco. The Almoravids believed that Jews must accept Islam if 500 years after the death of the Prophet Muhammad their Messiah had not come. A campaign to convert the Sephardim by force was launched in al-Andalus (the Muslim part of Spain), but the matters were arranged after a great ransom was paid. The Almoravids’ intervention could stop only temporarily the Christians. In 1147 the Muslims of Spain had to appeal for help to the Almohads, Berber Muslim reformers of Northern Africa. Their arrival saved for once more time the Islam in Spain, but the Almohads attacked not only the Christians, but the Sephardim also. The Jewish communities of al-Andalus were destroyed and thousands of Jews were driven either to northern Spain and Provence or, as in the case of Maimonides’ family, to North Africa and Egypt.

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