Williamite War in Ireland

I am considering forming a Three Percenter in Lane County and moving out the 3Center Imposters who back a President who has defaced the Statue of Liberty. Where have we heard that word “liberty” before. I read it on signs carried by bullies who shoved women around and punched them in the face. These are not men. These are cowards!

For years I have spoken to folks with red hair about their Scot-Iris roots in Oregon. Most of them came from Missouri along the Oregon Trail, they sent here by Senator Thomas Hart Benton in order to secure the Oregon Territory from the British, whom these people fought in the Isles for their – FREEDOM! When they IMMIGRATED to America, that was a colony of the British, they were prepared to FIGHT SOME MORE – which they did. My people did most of fighting – and the dying!

I have posted about my vision of an Orange Parade in Oregon. I never saw the marchers carrying weapons of war. Of course I hear bagpipes!

I also see Ladies of Unviversal Liberty doing the goosestep down 7th street celebrating German Immigration that was vital to the Union winning the Civil War against the ungrateful grandchildren of immigrants who did not want to give up the human beings they purchased, or, bred! Our cowardly President refused to admonish China and North Korea for the mistreatment of human beings. My Prussian ancestors fled to Chili and America after losing their Revolution against the Habsburg monarchy that had come to rule Mexico, and was a threat to come to the aid of the Confederate Traitors.

The Chilean army adopted the Prussian parade, and had nothing to to do with Nazi Germany. However, China and N. Korea also adopted the march of my people, and are engaged in TYRANNY! We Freedom Loving People must take back what belongs to us – a willingness to fight for Freedom – EVERYWHERE! This is FDR did when he sent arms to England before America entered the war.

Note the newly crowned Slug Queen has red hair! She would make a great Lady Liberty.  As for my shouting “Praise be to Zardoz” in the movie, killer gunman served the elite immortal people of the vortex who love to look down on people like some Christians, who use Jesus as their slave in order to judge who is worthy of being in the Vortex. The Kimites created a vortex where I live.

Fuck the vortex! I am kin to William Wallace! Dick Armey invented the Tea Party along with evangelical leaders who hated a black man being elected President. They and the 3Centers give the fake message our American Revolution is in good hands! To hell it is!

Move the fake God Squad out of Oregon!

John Presco





Rosamond Press





The Rosamonds and the McDowells fought at the Battle of Boyne. Did they know each other? I live in the Williamite Valley that John Fremont explored, and Jessie Benton Fremont wrote about. In the marriage of Garth Benton, and Christine Rosamond Presco, the blood of the Protestant cause flows together.

Jon Presco


Mary Jane Loya of California, whose mother was born in County Leitrim, Ireland, still has cousins living in England, some of whom are also researching the family history. Her family there has the same story of Sergeant Rosamond except that they show his name as James, and say that he took part in the Battle of the Boyne on 1st July 1690. He distinguished himself during the battle and William III, following the battle, knighted him.

In 1825, in the village of Fenagh in county Leitrim in Ireland, a
gang of Catholic youths attacked the Rosamond home…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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