Free Soil and Reverse Immigration

The New Holy Roman Empire will change and save the world from eolognal disaster. Women want the world saved for their children. Any group that endangers the Bald Eagle, the Wolf, and the Whale, had better step aside – and get out of the Republican Party founded by my Radical German kindred who put Lincoln in office and fought the Red State TRAITORS who were Democrats at the time. Most militias support the deep south who put Trump in the White House and is betraying everything Lincoln stood for. The Radical Republicans put black men in office – by gunpoint! Half of the original thirteen states seceded from the union. This nullifies all claims the Three Percenters make!

God, nor Jesus, bid the Founding Fathers to free the slaves, or give women the right to vote. That right came in 1920. Time to give all women – MIGHT! My kin, John Fremont, was the first Republican candidate for POTUS. He had a 100 person bodyguard ade up of Native Americans and Forty-Eighters from Europe.

Take back our Freedom Party!

John Presco

Rosamond Press

I am calling upon the President of the United States to purchase large tracts of land in the Latin American nations that have become too violent for its citizens to live in, and send young people from America, England, and Germany to live in large colonies. Millions of young people will never own a home. Here is their chance. Here is their chance.

  1. You must sustain from all alcohol and drugs.
  2.  You must learn how to march in formation.
  3.  You must know how to use a firearm.

The U.S. Government will fund commercial enterprises. After three years, a vast tract of land will be given to those who sought asylum. They will march home in a parade, to bagpipes if they cho0se. The Latin Diaspora is grateful for the hospitality the white people have shown them. Together they destroy the murderous gangs and take back their country that is a…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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