Lil Timmy’s World

I found an e-mail from my Nutty Buddy, Tim O’Connor. He was fourteen when he asked me to take LSD with him, because, he was going to take LSD with my cousin and his best friend. We dropped in 1966. Tim has been looking to cash-in on someone’s fame. He can’t acknolege I tried to teach him how to play guitar. It might affect his Pay Day.

Since his famous father died in April of last year, I get a STRONG HINT he is writing a autobiography, and thus he wants to SHORE UP his copyright. Is he going for a movie?

Here is an old post where Tim slips Mafia Max some LSD, and puts six people’s lives in danger. I ended up playing chess for our friend Keith’s life. Max was up for days tripping.

I could hang the idea that Tim does not care about the plight of America when he made another demand, but, his e-mail arrived on August 1st, before the shootings. However, Tim has not cared about America because he became a ex-patriot living in Amsterdam. He’s a pothead, who has spent a million dollars on pot constructing ‘Lil Timmy’s World’. Now he wants to cash in – BIG TIME – so Timmy’s World IS THAT MUCH HIGHER! It can’t get more compact – AND COTROLLED! Fuck this CONTROL FREAK!

I highly suspect he is trying to pull my Dead Sister over to his BIO-PILE!

“I’m a poor musician.”

So fucking what? He and ten million others! Get a job – HIPPIE!

John Presco

Copyright 2019

Best Friend Died
  • John Ambrose <>
    To:Tim O’Connor
    Aug 9 at 9:26 AM
    Did I tell you my best friend died a month after your father, died. I grieved for Ben Toney for half a year. We chatted every day on facebook. For five years we fought side by side the evil changes that were coming to America. He is one of the fathers of Radio London that was the Rock Invasion of England. He knew – everyone! I was trying to connect you with him. There was Radio Holland. But, you were too busy working on your obituary, something you have been doing since I met you. You’ve carved out a little plot ‘Lil Timmy’s World’ and you decorated it every day with STUFF about you. You want to look good -for God knows who?
    You keep telling me what I can publish on my blog. Who in the fuck are you? I am so tempted to publish some f your poems, and alleged hippie experiences. What would you do? Call up Peter and Christine and out some PEER PRESSURE on me? The other option is to take your poetry book out into the woods, drop my pants, and shit on it – while I film!
    You have been censoring me since we met. You are a little prick Nazi. You are one of the pushiest people I ever met. If we are going to continue to be NUTTY BUDDIES – can we start practicing HONESTY before we croak?
    John Gregory
    John Ambrose <>
    Aug 9 at 7:51 AM
    Chritine left a message on my phone saying Peter is “missing”. She mean he wont pick up his phone for her. I had it with her abuse and exposed her on my blog – you don’t like! She has been abusing a famous NY artist for years. She believes she is superior to everyone because her dad fas a famous Boston doctor. Does Christine talk to you? How about Keith. I am doe with these fucking mind games.. Why can’t I publish one of your poems? Perhaps several of my readers will purchase your books? Are you afraid of the IRS? Or do you feel superior to me, and I am in competition with you as a writer? It is obvious you do not consider me your peer as a writer, which I consider a huge insult. I refuse to play your pecking order as if you were, and are a super hippie. You are not. At this stage of my life I am looking for Writer-Friends, because what I do as a owner and reorter of a newspaper is very hard. I work ten house a day – every day! I will not let you brush me off like a nobody, and have me go back to being that person you feel more comfortable with. That is narcistic as all hell. My nation is in peril as is the hippie and bohemian movement.
    John Gregory
    timoconnor <>
    To:John Ambrose
    Aug 1 at 4:10 AM
    Hi I’m OK, on a train, visit friends and look for gigs,  did you get  my poetry book?
    Sorry I’m a poor musician,  took awhile before I could afford the 10 euro postage,
    Please let me know when you get it? They are for your eyes only,  please don’t post them on your Blog,  thank you very much.
    Have you heard from Peter lately?
    Love Peace Music Poetry, your Nutty Buddy Timmy Boy

    Merlin, Nurse Ratched, British Israelism

    Kesey Anniversary Quiz

    Ben Toney


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