The Ready-Made Nazi Amongst Us

BDM- Mädchen bei einer Gymnastikvorführung

One thing we Americans have learned in the last several days, is, the New Nazis are here to stay. There’s no getting rid of them – this time! They’re like New York Artists. Once they take hold, and get going, they can be compared to a Dirty Rat Infestation! There’s nothing you can do, but wait till they die of old age – which might be our best hope!

You see, it is HOPE that makes society suffer. If we just become a Nazi, then – then we can make other’s suffer, after we remove all hope, and declare all hope is gone. Christine made  a case over the phone that the artists Eins forced her to associate with, rendered utterly syndical and hopeless works of art. She described, with utter disgust. the painting of a vagina with cockroaches coming out of it.

“Why can’t they do a nice painting of an old barn with wheat field? Wheat is wholesome!”

“I can dig it. I see an old rusty plow with a blue jay sitting on the weathered wood handle!”

“Yes! Yes! The Blue Bird of Aryan Happiness! You got it!”

I tried to become a New York Artist while living in Springfield Oregon. My friend, Stefan Eins, almost let me in the door. But, suddenly that door closed. What happened? I began to wonder if Stefan’s girlfriend was sabotaging my breakthrough. I almost pulled it off! I almost got Springfield declared the Sister City of Greenwich Village. I sent him this post that uses the word “disproving” which he took wrong. So did McGowan who Christine conducted Cultural Warfare against. I have a notebook of all the things Christine called her. It was like listening to ‘Dark and Demented Seinfeld’. I would get a call that starts out normal, but in no time we are doing the ‘Dark Seinfeld’ show. There are regulars.

Nine days ago I told Christine Muriel Wandel she was an evil, disgusting racist, Trump-Nazi, and I asked her to never call me again. We were lovers back in 1967. I had to comment on the evil racist shit Trump just said;

“How dare you ruin my Easter!”

All of a sudden, Christine is interested in  human religions. She understands Trump has been titled Messiah, the embodiment of King David. I had it!

“You ruined my Easter!………… Don’t call me ever again!

The truth is, The President of the United States ruined our Happy Bunny Time. It didn’t matter what side you were on. This creep is a Dictator who employs White Nationalism to get all the attention! He has watched those Hitler documentaries – until he is blue in the face! Christine and I were original Hippies and lived in a big Victorian with a rock band.

I had given up on the portrait I was doing of her and Eins. It was turning into the Picture of Dorian Grey as Christie spew out her hateful racist shrieks over the phone. She wanted to own a gun, and shoot her Hispanic neighbor she called the cops on all the time. She gave me a evil report about the things minorities were doing to her town. She almost convinced me young black women were wearing backpacks with bricks in them, that they would deliberately knock up against white people on the subway, especially old white ladies! Almost overnight my ex-lover’s voice began to change. I heard Gollum as she spew out a volley of racist jive! This was not the voice of Antonin Artaud. I shuddered! It was the mad language of Pure Hatred!

What people do not understand…………is that ‘Lord of the Ring’ is a Art Movie that replicates the art stolen by the Nazis. I tried to get Stefan Ein’s involved in the recovery of art that belonged to the Habsburgs, or, Austria. It was against the back-drop of the Eins- Wandel Insanity, did this tale of the Art Nazi play out.

I just heard the news that Trump went on a narcissistic trip in El Paso. German actors, writers, journalist, performers, and members of Germany’s movie industry, began to creep towards the life boats when they heard Hitler airing his concerns about “Crowd Size” I would guess most of the people who fled to America, are dead. How many Artists have already fled to Europe? They kept drawing a line, thinking it would never be crossed. How many lines has WE drawn? Trump refused to pay Andy Warhol for his paintings he did of Trump Tower. Hitler was kicked out of art school because he painted city-scapes, with no people in thee streets. Art Instructors got his message off the bat

“Germany is a beautiful place, but for the people who live there!”

Hitler hated the German People! He got rid of millions of them, most of the Aryans! Trump hates most Americans. How about his wife?

Fashion MODA flies in the face of the Hitler amongst us!

Play the first two videos at the same time Artaud was the father of the Absurd Theatre. I believe he is doing a bit from The Theatre of Cruelty. May I suggest you quay his video on your phones when news about Trump appears. Artaud was a lunatic – and proud of it! I have seen him as a prophet who has brought us to the Age of Trump – and Melania!

Let the Artaud video play through the rest of the read. I suspect he was the model for the voice of Gollum.

Play both videos at the same time.

Christine had lived in the Village for over forty years. She has forbid me to call her The Cat Lady of The Village! Fuck her! For this is how it started. With every cat she collected and stuffed in her studio appartment, the more she abandoned the human race. For years I heard how she hated human beings, and loved cats – only!

“What about me?” I asked, a little peeved at being DEMOTED, made lesser-than!

I was rendered SUB-HUMAN! Christine started telling me these incredible horror stories that I realized were Works of New York Art. There was a woman that opened up on Christine with a water-pistol filled with Clorox when she passed her door on the way to the garbage. She bush-whacked her, shot her in the back. She might be the one that was putting puddles of Lysol under her door to in order to muffle the stench of twenty-six cats using the scarce cat litter box. She began to lose the use of her hand due to carrying big bags of cat litter home from the store. Stefan refused to schlock these bags through the village. Christine told me his Nazi father hung him by his ankles over the balcony when he came home after losing the war. A hundred paintings danced in my head – like Evil Sugarplum Fairies!

Journey Into Fear GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY


In my painting I combined two very famous works of art ‘Christine’s World’ and American Gothic’. Stefan is very overbearing. I have his scrunching Christine into a corner. There is a faint aura of greatness around him. This is as far as I got. I waned to do more, but, realized this work – is done! Christine forbid me to depict her as The Cat Lady.  Then she began to tell me this gruesome tale about ‘The Rape of Eins’.   For half a year she put the evidence together from three thousand miles away – over the phone. We have not laid eyes on one another since 1985.

While Christine was gone for a few days, Eins allegedly brought home this homeless black woman who got in Christine’s bathtub and left a evil bathtub ring I heard described for a week. Christine could not scrub it out. Her skin crawled every time she took a bath. This large black woman used Stefan’s phone to call up her Street Buddy. He came over with some cheap wine. Together, they raped Stefan. They used Christine’s toilet plunger on him. Christine shows a detective this plunger, and the drops of blood on the ceiling. Stefan’s knees were all bruised. She convinced the police it was real. They came back twice.

Right off the bat I am reminded of Zap Comic books, and Art Crumb. I might have given up art at this time. I was going to try my hand at being a realist, but, The Art Nazi Amongst Us has outdone us all with her Crumby Crime Scene: the Negro Whore in the bathtub; Stefan Eins on the tile floor eating a plate of warm yams, with a plunger stuck in his ass, while a Slav with hairy legs like a porcupine, beats off! My art entry was not degenerate enough. It was too – provincial!

I used David Lynch’s ‘Eraserhead’ as my model so I could own a visual. There was this FOUND CHILD between them that was hatched in back of the radiator and kept in a nest atop the bureau. They fought over this manifestation all the time. I almost came to New York to record this Artistic Angst of the Century. I wanted to take a pic of the splotch near the refrigerator that Ein’s called a work of art.  I wanted to do a story on Ein’s ruining Christine’s Easter when he threw church candles in the garbage outside the church. I told Christine this is liken to the Mime Theatre that her friend, Bill Graham co-founded.

“Fashion Moda is Mime Troop. The color and brushes are just props! I got to come there and record this art history before it dies!”

“Why do you want to associate yourself with a bunch of degenerates. They aren’t artists. They are old perverts who crawl naked into plastic tents after eating warm yams. What is that? That’s not art! Stay away from these sickos!”

“How many sick art shows have you been to – twenty……THIRTY!”

“I don’t know. I lost count!”

What began to emerge, or, be reincarnated, was ‘The Female Hitler and Her Cat Army’. She claimed she could do anything she wants – because she takes care of cats. Christine Wandel had created The Cat-Nazi Church of New York! Then, the City came down on her Dirty Cat Infestation. She had to get rid of her cats, or be thrown out of her rent-control abode. She would surely die on the streets after two days of being exposed to – HUMANS!

While attending a Tennant Rights meeting, Christine Wandel broke into tears. At the end of the table was an older dapper gentleman, Stefan Eins, who was famous for founding Fashion MODA, and taking over building – for the sake of art! In a week, Stefan found himself up to his a-hole in cats. This famous artist painted Christine’s appartment, and hung a readymade on an old nail.

Ten minutes ago, the New York Artist, Philip de Loach, accepted my friend request on facebook. I am using Philip as a Ready-Made Psychic Ground as I float my astral body over the Big Apple, and give a Remote Viewing Report on………….

‘The Ready-Made Nazi Amongst Us’

There is a two hundred year old history of Bohemian Artists going UNDERGROUND when the DARK AGES commeth! Has this batch of New York Artists lived up to their predecessors? Will these aged Bohemians be able to create another Bohemian Underground in order to escape from, or take on……….The Thump Nazis?

For now, this question is a series of article in Royal Rosamond Press. It might become a book. How about a movie? The imagery is outstanding! I will collect it in my blogs! I might publish my collection – along with this story. Perhaps I will send it to Quentin Tarantino.

I just came back from my break and watching CNN. They showed images of crying children whose parent had been taken away in a ICE raid. I contend, Artists have to run towards the Shooter with brushes blazing. We have to be retrained, because our salad days over. Christine describes the tickets she found in Stefan’s pocket. He was going to a show where women sits at a table while being brought to an orgasim, by someone under the table. I found videos of this on the internet.

“The Euro-Sluts brought this to America! I struck one of them in the face at a show! She was shocked. Earlier she covered herself in old rags – dripping with blood – as if she had been hurt. I hurt her! She tried to give Stefan a Euro-kiss in front of me. You should have seen the look on her face! I shoved Stefan when he and McGowan tried to exchange sick germs that could infect me. He fell into a garbage can – and made sure he did not spill a drop of that cheap wine they serve at the galleries – along with warm yams! What is it with these yams!”

John Presco

Copyright 2019


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    What drove Mad Alley over the brink, was my little play I wrote about Belle and I hopping on the train and going to New York to meet my artist friend, Stefan Eins, and his sidekick, Christine Wandel, who turned into a rabid Trump Lover. Alley’s dream was to get close to Stefan’s New York art scene. Now, I was going to take her protege, Belle Burch to see THE WIZARD. We had to be sopped! Whatever it takes!

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