Evangelicals Hate Parasites

The Tea Party and the Evangelicals have joined forces. They believe the Black Church was employed to get White People to pay the way for Black People and other “parasites”. In the video I took of Kim Haffner, she says she takes my daughter’s side in why we had a falling out. Heather Hanson bonded with a Tea Party Radical who called me a “parasite” on the phone. I had him put my daughter, and she also said I was a “parasite”.

Three day before this video was taken, Kim and I got along. She did not have time to research my blog, and read about MY DAUGHTER in three days. In the nighttime video, Kim Haffner begins to the make the case I am a “parasite” and, do not deserve to live at McKenzie Meadows. She is suggesting I don’t deserve SSI. She and Krista work for the Government and State. Did they have some insider check me out?

This is clearly a case of STALKING, but does it qualify as being a HATE CRIME? Thursday I read about a young man attacking a man in his 60s outside a Trump rally. We have seen Trump encourage guys to go after guys at his rallies. I just got back from Wal-Mart and heard on the new 20 people were killed by a REAL LUNATIC! For Kim and my neighbors to make a case I am a DANGEROUS LUNATIC, and suggest they are in contact with my daughter is truly a evil, hateful, and dangerous thing to do. You got to be out your fucking mind to fuck with a man’s daughter – you don’t know! How hateful. How Un-Christian! Their motive, is, I said, and wrote derogative things about their religion! This is on par with ISIS and the Taliban – who beheaded Journalists – and mass-murdered people!

The Evangelical President is clearly labeling people of color “parasites” knowing this is how the Nazis labeled the Jews. Trump hears the talk that he is AIMING HOT-HEADS at people, knowing they may commit acts of violence. To pretend to be sympathetic Cummings house was broken into – can be an invitation to LOYAL FOLLOWERS who are RELIGIOUS FANATICS!

I believe Kim Haffner and Krista spend much time on the internet investigating me. They got other neighbors involved – and riled up! They needed to be investigated for HATE CRIMES! The terrorism my friends suffered at the hands of Real Terrorists, is now famous due to Tarantino’s movie. The Manson murders need to be catalogued as HATE CRIMES, as well as the Cadott Murders.

John Presco


A Kentucky man has been arrested and charged with assault after being seen on video attacking a protester at President Trump‘s rally in Cincinnati on Thursday.

The Washington Post and local news affiliate Fox 19 reported that 29-year-old Dallas Frazier of Georgetown, Ky., will face a misdemeanor assault charge after video showed him getting out of a vehicle outside the rally and exchanging blows with 61-year-old Matt Alter, with whom he had exchanged words.

Alter told Fox 19 he was struck six times by Frazier, who was held overnight without bond and is due in court Friday morning.

“I was standing with a group of people around and the truck pulled up. He was yelling at people. People yelling back anti-Trump stuff whatever, nothing specific and he just started getting violent and I’m like come on guy,” Alter told the

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