All Three Haffner Women Read Christine’s Bio

I gave my friend, Kim Haffner, my sister’s biography to read, because the possibility Christine was murdered, WAS THERE! It existed. One friend who read the short bio Stacey Pierrot put on the internet, said; Your sister was murdered!” She gradiated from the UofO and was a English Major. My friend who graduated from Harvard, read the first letter I got from my daughter, and said; “Your daughter did not write this!”

Rosamond Press

When I handed Kim Haffner my sister’s biography to read, I told her not to let anyone else read it because of the lies of outsiders. I told Kim she does not know what these lies are, and, I will go over them when she is done reading the book. She told me she was a fast reader, and would not lend this book out.

Why would I lend this book to anyone who was hostile to me, and was turning our neighbors against me? I believe Kim handed my famous sister’s bio to her mother, who then gave it to Magan Haffner to read. How would I know THEY read it, they reasoned.

When Kim finally got MY book back from her daughter, she was horrified to see the dogears. Here was PROOF Kim betrayed our friendship, and her family betrayed our friendship. All three could not be trusted…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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