Evangelicals Hate Parasites

Demand evangelical leaders distant themselves from Trump – NOW!

Rosamond Press

The Tea Party and the Evangelicals have joined forces. They believe the Black Church was employed to get White People to pay the way for Black People and other “parasites”. In the video I took of Kim Haffner, she says she takes my daughter’s side in why we had a falling out. Heather Hanson bonded with a Tea Party Radical who called me a “parasite” on the phone. I had him put my daughter, and she also said I was a “parasite”.

Three day before this video was taken, Kim and I got along. She did not have time to research my blog, and read about MY DAUGHTER in three days. In the nighttime video, Kim Haffner begins to the make the case I am a “parasite” and, do not deserve to live at McKenzie Meadows. She is suggesting I don’t deserve SSI. She and Krista work for the Government…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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