Rosatom Warhead

I saw that astroid coming!

Rosamond Press

The Birth of a New Church – of Truth! Artists and Architects built cathedrals. It is claimed Freemasons had a hand. But, I see a Feminine Touch. Victoria Bond is a sculptor. She is an artist that works with chisel and marble. Sir Arthur Swinburne is about to see her in action. This blog is also a massive Art Piece. I work in images, and thus am reluctant to publish a book, because the illustrations would be limited. I began to overlay The Papal Axis Mundi over the ROSATOM. We have a Doomsday Clock that the Pope wound up yesterday. He knew the Catholic Church – in doomed! All those who are Rapture Ready are waiting for The End Time War – that became manifest yesterday! Artists are involved, in the middle of all this. They are God’s Timepiece!

John Presco 007

The Rose Atom

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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