Evangelical Leader Begins New Cold War

Many Evangelical leaders understand their Lunatic at Large just ended a Christian presnce in the part of the world Armageddon WAS destined to take place. America’s role in the Tribulation no longer exsists. The Rapture is a heresy. The Crusader Cross has been snuffed out forever. I saw my unared Kurdish brothers gundowned in the street. I saw our General make a deal with a Russian general for safe pasagge for our onece proud troups. My KORE prophecy, has come true! Seer Jon

Rosamond Press

I told you so! The Jesus Missiles are coming! The Jesus Missiles are coming!

Consider the first Cyber-attack from the Putin Trolls to control our elections. The Democrats are THE TARGET……….again! Moscow Mitch knows the language spoken in Jesus World. He is the Red State Cowboy! Mitch does not want to fund any Cyber Defence Bill, because his base will see him crossing the line and losing focus who the real enemy is.

Charlie Manson learned his Bible while in jail, and used it to form his cult, just like David Koresh. Christians and Pagans hate this blog, and me, because they can tell I am not on their side. This video shows why evangelicals want to lock Hillary up. She is a mass fetus killer. Trump says he will end AIDS that to evangelicals means he is going after gays like Putin is.

Most Americans do not realize there…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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