Victoria Bond – An Angry Valley Girl?

Got it right but for the skin color.


The backlash against the idea of a female James Bond has nothing to do with sexism. If this was some generic spy being genderbent, the outrage and frustration would be relegated to a tiny corner of the internet. Rather, the character of James Bond occupies a special place in the hearts of many film fans, both men and women. We fans only want to see the character presented in a way that feels organic and genuine to the Bond we’ve spent generations following.

Are James Bond Films Actually Sexist, Though?

Along with the addition of a female 007, Bond 25 is setting out to combat some of the alleged sexism found in the films. While the eponymous character’s womanizing tendencies proves that Bond does not have great respect for the overwhelming number of women who find themselves in his bed, the same cannot be said for the narrative. Some Bond girls are one-dimensional sex objects purely included in the films to be beautiful and flirt with Bond, while others are interesting characters on their own right: messy, virtuous, evil, conniving, and complex.

Rosamond Press

Please! Try to give me a good argument. You don’t have to be a moron – all your life!”

While looking at the video of the Haredi Jews, I realized that Ana Kasparian is the Bond Woman going off in my head for two months, or more. I was trying  to engage Lara Roozemond in a conversation, so I could hear Ana come out. She deletes the posts I put on her precious facebook. Ana, would have tore into me if I offended her. I am not sure I offended Lara! Is she trying to steal my Bond Woman?

Now, add the Dutchess of Sussex as……..THE BOND WOMAN MODEL! Wow! Do I got a hit on my hands with MY idea of a female Bond! I think Ana Kasparian could play Victoria Bond, who I see getting into Kick-ass arguments and angry world conflicts, she winning with her Mouth…

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