Victoria Bond – An Angry Valley Girl?

Please! Try to give me a good argument. You don’t have to be a moron – all your life!”

While looking at the video of the Haredi Jews, I realized that Ana Kasparian is the Bond Woman going off in my head for two months, or more. I was trying  to engage Lara Roozemond in a conversation, so I could hear Ana come out. She deletes the posts I put on her precious facebook. Ana, would have tore into me if I offended her. I am not sure I offended Lara! Is she trying to steal my Bond Woman?

Now, add the Dutchess of Sussex as……..THE BOND WOMAN MODEL! Wow! Do I got a hit on my hands with MY idea of a female Bond! I think Ana Kasparian could play Victoria Bond, who I see getting into Kick-ass arguments and angry world conflicts, she winning with her Mouth & Moxy – mixed with great bouts of cussing! Why leave any arrows in the quiver? The word is ending, thanks to the rise of morons. I see Victoria battling Ann Coulter, and after she is defeated, they become allies.


Tracy Bond has a illegitimate daughter she conceived before she married James Bond, a Love Child, if you will. Trisha moves to LA to get into the movies, and is seduced by a famous L.A. talk show host, like Joe Pine. Trisha has a another love child, Victoria, who flunks out as a Valley Girl. Her mother has moved back the England. She has married a Duke, who is childless. He wants Victoria to be his heir. The problem, is she is Super Disagreeable.

The next male Bond movie is in the mire. I need to get my script out.

Jon Presco

Copyrght 2018

“I can’t pretend I’m some robot that’s always neutral,” says Ana Kasparian. “I need to share my opinion – and sometimes aggressively so.”

Since Jan. 20, 2017, European leaders have managed U.S. relations with one eye on the clock, anxiously counting down the hours until President Trump’s term is up and hoping the core of the Western alliance isn’t too badly damaged in the meantime.

Daniel Craig is heading for the next Bond set sooner than we might have thought. On Tuesday, the British star confirmed to the Associated Press that the upcoming 007 movie—his fifth in the franchise—will be his next film. Break out out your martinis and Omega watches, because Bond 25 is upon us.

Though he confirmed the Bond film is his next project lined up, Craig stayed quiet about whether or not Oscar-winning filmmaker Danny Boyle would direct the film. “We’ll see. We’ll see,” he responded.


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