Trump Betrays Britain and Half of America

I posted this on the Ides of March 2018. I am the prophet ordained to take u the gauntlet that Herbert Armstrong cast down.

Rosamond Press

I saw this coming. Read my blog! The Red State Rednecks are international thugs in league with Putin. I turned one post into a poem and read it in front of a Jazz band at Mo’s. What kind of mad man does things like this? How easy it is to label me insane, and get a few chuckles. Take your labels – and shove it! This is a great cold war love story.


Trump’s persistent refusal to criticize Putin directly, whether it be over use of chemical weapons in Syria or covert campaigns to subvert US elections, suggests the Russian leader has some kind of hold over him, possibly relating to Trump’s past business dealings in Russia. Robert Mueller’s federal investigation may shed more light on this.

Germany, chronically dependent on Russian energy (almost 40% of its oil imports and 35% of its gas came from Russia…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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