The West In Crisis

The attack on the British Ambassador contains a portence of doom not unlike the one Casandra saw for Troy. Trump, Putin, and the Evangelicals have brought the Trojan Horse isdie the gate.

Rosamond Press

Before Trump got elected, I foresaw a need to make sure the bond the U.S. had with Britain, remains solid. I suggested a beach be named after Rena Easton. Did Rena vote for Trump?

I should be more famous than the Dutch boy who put his finger in a leak in the levy. He saw leaks. What did I see?


When does a feud become a separation? A separation a divorce? When do arguments, sharp-tongued put-downs and perceived betrayal among allies become the collapse of the Western-dominated order that has ruled the world, under U.S. leadership, for the past seven decades?

As each day brings a new series of punches and counterpunches between President Donald Trump and longtime U.S. partners, the question appears to be moving beyond the realm of the academic.

Rena was the muse to two…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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