Evangelical President Hates the Brits

Evangelical are the cause of most of the problems in the world. Trump is deluded and insane. Reports say the Trump team are fighters in chaos.

Check out this fight in Toon Town. A baby in a stroller is right in the middle of it, and not one woman moves the toddler to safety. Then a crippled woman gets in the middle. Finally, here comes the Key Stone Cops, a sorry-ass looking bunch of loons. This is not Regan’s America. You can thank the Evangelical Cult for this. Where’s Jesus?



The White House has indeed been “dogged from day one by stories of vicious infighting and chaos,” according to multiple press reports. To that end, there are not signs “that this Administration is going to become substantially more normal” than it has been since its outset or any “less dysfunctional, less unpredictable” or “less faction-riven.” The author of these descriptions warned at one point that the administration could “denounce the [World Trade Organization], tear up existing trade details, [and] launch protectionist action, even against allies” — all of which to some extent actually occurred. The crowds at Trump’s political rallies, he wrote, are generally “almost exclusively white,” and the rhetoric Trump feeds them is “incendiary, and a mix of fact and fiction.”

At times, the writer offers more biting assessments of the commander in chief. The White House might never “look competent,” the descriptions read at one point. At another, the author notes that Trump himself “radiates insecurity.”


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