Royal Christening and Canon of Windsor

Archie was Christened yesterday.

Rosamond Press

It is a mystery of sort why the Wilson line became leaders of the Church of England. In a few days a Royal Christening will take place. My angel gives Tyler Hunt Permission to enter the church of his choice. When I publish my book in three weeks, Christianity will change. I will show that the first church was founded by women who took the oath of the Nazarite. This is why I named my unborn granddaughter, Elizabeth.

Above is my grandson in the clutches of The Ventriloquist Witch. The best royal stories have a witch in them. This is the opening door that Peterson mentioned. Patrice is more like a man, than a woman. I am certain she told me she had Gypsy blood. Here is a story about Gypsies stealing children to turn them into pickpockets. The look on Patrice’s face says;

“This is my asset that will…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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