The Angel of the Silver Chord

Dying was the most beautiful exprience of my life. I got to see God and Heaven. My astral body passed through a cleft in the rocks to this secluded beach. You can see a cave where I would later see The Tree of Life when I wrote my Biblical novel.

Going Into Shock & PTSD





mccllIn 1987 I returned to McLure’s Beach and climbed the rock I fell on. I was utterly alone. There was no one in the parking lot, and thus no one for miles. I had gone thru the New Hope Program and had a year of sobriety. I had been in hypnotherapy. I had to do this.

I had not climbed but thirty feet, and was heading for the bridge, when I came upon a plaque nailed into the rock.


This plaque was not there in 1967, and the thought that six people who came after me, met their death, was otherworldly. I was entering The Land of the Known Dead. I thought about the collective grief of their families. Their tears had come here. I closed my eyes, took some deep breaths, told myself I can do this, and proceeded.

I do not think Keith and James knew I was going into shock, because they were in shock at seeing me wounded. The powerful dose was incapacitating. We could not walk. Like a heavy gravity we were pinned to the sand. We could only watch and wait until the inital impact subsided.

After James tried to wash my wound, and after I got soaking wet, I told him to leave me be. He went and sat with Keith about fifty feet away. I sat at the edge of the water listening to the strange sound that the gravel made as each wave receded. It sounded like many engines. All of a sudden landing craft were coming out of the ocean, and I was in the a middle of horrendous battle. A young man fell next to me, mortally wounded. When he died, and with his last breath, he uttered his last word;


I believe I was that soldier.

I watch that scene from Saving Private Ryan where the captain goes into a tunnel of silence. The engine of war is grating up and down my backbone. My teeth are chattering. I can not make it stop.


Rosamond Press





chord6James Taylor, who was with me when I died, indeed, he saw me die (and saw me come back to life) would put books by my bed in the attic. They were books on the Indian Religion and the Silver Chord. This was such a loving thing to do. James looked like a doctor from 1918. He drove a Pierce Arrow.

Robert would come by now and then and lie next to me and meditate. Other people on a spiritual path would do this in the coming years. A woman came into the attic and said;

“There’s a gold aura around that man.”

I gasped when I beheld Rena’s face. Later, I asked her what it was like to wake each morning, go to the mirror……”and behold your beauty?”

Rena’s beauty was a living description of the incredible beauty I saw when I died.It is hard to describe. Rena was…

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