Bloody Attack On Rosamond Estate

The last several days have been extremely difficult for me. I have had to face reality. The truth is I have been rendered Familess. This is not a word. It is now. Everyone has a family? I have been unborn! How so?

I talked to my aunt Lillian in 2001, and she told me Stacey Pierrot had taken a picture of my daughter, Heather Delpiano, in the Rosamond Gallery. I was shocked! I asked her to describe Heather.

“She has brown hair and a large derriere, not like a Rosamond butt.”

Heather told me she dyed her hair blonde just before I came to Sonoma to see her for the first time. Vicki and Mark Presco were at this gallery event, thus they met my daughter. The first thing they are going to ask, is;

“Does our brother know? Have you contacted him?”

When my sixteen year old daughter’s mother said “No” I am sure they were suspicious. Did they ask;

“Why not! I think you should!”

This is what sane family members would do. I suspect Patrice Hanson talked to ghost writer, Tom Snyder, about getting our minor child in his biography of Rosamond. Tom would want proof this minor child is my child, or, her might get sued by me if he presented a imposter as my child. Then, the following people realized – they were already in trouble!

Mark Presco. Vicki Presco. Stacey Pierrot. Shamus Dundon.

These people knew I had questions about the details of how Christine drowned. They are trying to get me to contribute to Snyder’s biography. Tom is trying to get me to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Pierrot published a call on her Rosamond page for people who knew Christine to come forth and tell their story. If I knew this call lured my daughter I did not know I had – out of hiding – then this truth gave support to many facts and truths I sent to the Probate Court and Sydney Morris – who I told there was a possibility I had a daughter due to the dream I had, where MY angel introduces me to Heather.

The BIG DEFENSE that Heather sustains, is that I am mentally ill, and thus can not be believed. Some famous artists were known to be insane. Christine Rosamond Benton, was made out to be insane in Snyder’s biography.

When I received a typed letter from Heather, and showed it to my friend, Ed Corbin, her said;

“Your daughter did not write this.”

Ed is a Harvard graduate who majored in literature, and was an Editor at Double Day. He explained their was a – second party removed style in this letter. You can see this in the e-mail Patrice Hanson sent me. Heather is living in the home of Big Scientology backer working as the opaire to their ten year old daughter.

First Patrice said she printed out my e-mail, one copy going to my daughter. Did she ever hold that piece of paper? Then she talks to her on the phone, and she cries! Really? Heather then thanks her mother “for finding” me. “Maybe it should have been sooner.” How much sooner, two weeks? As soon as Patrice read the “call” for contributors, she could have called Stacey and said who she was. She could have asked for the phone numbers of my siblings, if I had any, and broke the good news to them!

“You have a niece you didn’t know about! Her name is Heather. Do you have your brother’s phone number?”

What is so key, is that I do not hear Heather cry. The reason she does not cry, is her mother, her sister, and the big attorney she married have schemed together to come up with the best plan on how to attack the Rosamond Estate, and come away with money! They surmised I owed child support – even though there was no court order! Patrice had Randall Delpiano’s name put on my daughter’s birth certificate. How would I react if I knew this wicked mother told Randy it was his baby?

A sixteen year old child is hearing all this PLOTTING. This is a CONSPIRACY to defraud. The pretense that any of them care, destroys all Good Faith. My daughter is listened the examination of everything I write and say. I do object to the blood test that they want – just incase I back out, and deny Heather is my child. THEY sent me photographs. I admitted Heather looked like me. The motive in contacting the Rosamond Gallery, and not me – is MONEY! The Hansons and Comstock are stalking my family. They are gathering information for a lawsuit. The want information on me. They want to know where I live.

Above is a photograph of Craig Hanson. Heather told me she talks for hours on the phone with her uncle who has no child, and never will, because he is a homosexual. Patrice wanted me to do an intervention on him because he was a severe Lone Drinker. He was utterly isolated.  If Linda Comstock has any family member to mistrust, it is her brother. Did he sexually molest my daughter? Was Craig afraid his niece would find her father? Did Craig instruct a minor child on how to handle her father – with hostility? Craig’s mother was in and out of mental hospitals. He saw his father bloody his mother! Patrice told me she cleaned up the blood after the fights. His mother jumped off a cliff and killed herself. Has ‘The Man of The Family’ ever been in therapy? How long has my The Miracle Healer Child’ been trying to heal Crazy Craig? Did he suggest His Family not contact me, and go directly to the Rosamond Galley – to scope it out?

I told Patrice to have her brother give me a call. He never did. We never talked. He should have called just to get to know me. I am the Scapegoat of two families! I barely survived!

I bid Heather Hanson to join me in a lawsuit. Mentally ill, and criminal adults, used and abused a minor child who was put in a emotionally confounding position. My daughter did not own the maturity to handles this devious and complex scheming that was spun around the man who gave her life. To deprive a young child of her father – for money – is evil! All the parties are aware of this evil. A lawsuit would just bring it into the open, and real healing will begin. My sanity hearing – is a fraud! It’s O.K. to sue your mother and aunt for destroying your life. They’ll live! Think my grandchild – and his children!

Heather, did Stacey Pierrot suggest to your mother, that she let Tom Snyder be the one who informs me I am a father?

John Presco

Copyright 2019

From: Bancrofthouse@a…
Sent: March 11, 2001 6:50:31 PM GMT
Subject: Re: Patrice and Heather

Thank you for all this information. I printed it out for Heather and
myself. I did talk with her on the phone this morning. She was in
tears as I told her the story and she really thanked me for finding
you. Maybe it should have been sooner, but I never had the feeling
with such urgency before to find you, so now must be the time. And,
yes, I do believe there are angels at work here. Alcoholism runs in
my family, too and it destroyed our family making my dad an abuser
and my mom the victim who was in mental hospitals until she died at
the bottom of a cliff at Laguna Beach.

From: Bancrofthouse@
To: velcha
Sent: March 16, 2001 3:04:37 AM GMT
Subject: Re: A thousand words

Dear Jon, Your email this afternoon is so beautiful and filled with
wonderful energy. I read it to Heather and she just loved it. It
be so good for her to have a father who looks on her with love. I
my sister coming in with a kind of protective energy toward Heather.
She said she won’t believe you are the father until she sees the
blood test. I too
checked on the cost after my last message to you and the quote I got
is $600. That is ridiculous! I don’t really get why it is so
expensive. So we can look at that and maybe find something that is
more do-able. Although I that the angels always fulfill my needs in
often remarkable ways, that amount is a little steep for me. I’ll
research it and see if I can find a
more reasonable way. Although, in my heart I feel it is totally
unnecessay. Yes it definitely is time to set things straight and for
everything to
be in the open. It feels so good and a little scarey too. I didn’t
realize until now, the degree of discomfort I have felt with this
secret. And even
though we’ve not been in touch with Randy for 10 years, all this is
reactivating my fear of him. What I know in truth is that we are
surrounded by angels
that are keeping us safe and I can trust that. I don’t want to buy
into any fear, but always remember that all things are working out
and being worked
out in the perfect way.

Part of my sister, Linda’s, fears for Heather are connected with the
fact that she (Linda) was molested by relatives on my stepmother’s
side when she
was a young teenager. So she has very little trust of men and is
protective toward Heather. I am fairly protective, but I also know I
have to trust the Divine Wisdom within her to make wise choices. She
does need
you now to give her a greater sense of herself and I feel out of
that she will make wiser choices. Knowing she has a dad who loves
is so important for
her right now. It must feel to you like you just had a baby girl.
Congratulations dad! I just still feel sad that you were not there
Sept. 26, 1984. The night she was born was an experience that I will
forget. I insisted that she stay with me in the hospital at all
and would notlet the nurses take her to the nursery. I just wanted
stay up with her
allnight and bathe in the feeling of being in love with her that was
pervading my being. It was quite extraordinary. She is a very
being. I’m
so happy you found out about her now rather than waiting any longer.

Thank you



From: Presco Jon
To: Bancrofthouse@
CC: jonpresco8@
Subject: Re: Heather
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2001 14:07:16 -0800 (PST)

Patrice; Once again, I will try to make this simple.
When I mentioned the blood-test, I was referring to
this as being ONE of the reasons I was feeling
anxiety, I only interested – AT THE TIME – in getting
a clearer picture of my daughter, it so very faint for
all the obvious reasons! I was not bringing up this
anxiety in order to coherse you into doing my bidding.
I was not saying “Your suggestion has made me upset,
anxious, and thus is jeopardized my relationship with
my daughter. Therefore, you must relieve my anxiety by
doing what I want – or, go along with what I do not
want to do.”

In Recovery this called Emotional Blackmail. I
mentioned this test again as to why I REALLY and TRULY
felt anxious, and am beginning to feel this way again!
I am embaraased about my anxiety, verses trying to get
you to do my will. Are you trying to make your point
clear – for the record?

For the record, all my letters and other forms of
communication are protected under my Copyright, I
registering my biography ‘Bonds with Angels’ under the
same Copyright, under the title ‘Notes of a New
Nazarite’ registration number TXu 791-053. The mention
of this Copyright is made in my Homepage ‘Royal
Rosamond Press’. I mention this as Tom Snyder
forwarded your email you sent him where you state you
are very interested in the biography he is writing.

As to what other arrangements that can be made in order
that Heather and I can see each other without any
other agendas getting in the way, is as follows:

1. I can see Heather for a half hour tommorow, and
then proceed to Oakland where my friend is letting me
stay in his mother’s house while she is in the
hospital. Heather can come visit me in Oakland, wespending a day

2. My friend Virginia has offered to let Heather stay
in her home if she would care to come up and visit me.
Virginia and I are just good friends.

For you to introduce a violent, known liar, into this
picture, a man who has physically threatened me with a
baseball bat (as so many of my friends recall) as one
reason I should get a blood test in order to protect
my daughter from him, is highly suspicious. One can
easily say this IS cohersion, a thinly veiled TEST to
see if i am really a good father. Are you working my
low self-esteem on this one? How about your sister?


Bancrofthouse@ wrote:
Good morning! As I go through the morning, getting
ready to go, I stop by the computer to see if there are any messages
fromyou. It’s so nice to find one. I understand your feelings but I
want to remind you that you said to me that you were going to
a blood test also. Perhaps we understand things a little differently
here in regard to this, but never saw the blood test as a way of
determining whether you are OK or not, but as a way for Heather to
claim her real heritage in the world and to eliminate any rights of
Del Piano. Maybe we don’t have to be concerned about the ways of the
world? I don’t know. My concern would be to take the actions
hat will produce the greatest good for all of us, especially
based on what is true and real. We can discuss this further and take
a look at it when you are here. Yes, all is well that ends well and
have no doubts about you and who you are. I see you only in the
highest and brightest light. Knowing Heather, I can’t help but do
that- she is so much you and she is so special, as I have said over
and over.



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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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    Aunt Lillian let the demons out of the ox when she told me Pierrot sent her a pic of Heather at the gallery – taken before the Mom&Daughter Wiccan Con Cult contacted me. When I told Patrice about my dream, she asked me what color hair Heath had. I said brown. After the art show our daughter dyed her hair blonde. She was convinced my family was going to make her a BIG STAR. I suspect my family had to convince the Wiccans to contact me, or, there would be trouble. This is when I became THE FUCKING BULLSEYE. The Fuck Me invitational has teed off!

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